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“nascent digital culture” .. ?.. No! me neither.

Posted by Big John on February 25, 2017

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a serious problem for many people and the type of events that can cause ‘PTSD’ include …

  • serious road accidents
  • violent personal assaults, such as sexual assault, mugging or robbery
  • prolonged sexual abuse, violence or severe neglect
  • witnessing violent deaths
  • military combat
  • being held hostage
  • terrorist attacks
  • natural disasters, such as severe floods, earthquakes or tsunamis

To me, the cause that first ‘springs to mind’ is that related to ‘military combat’ and it’s association with the ‘shell-shock’ suffered by soldiers who experienced the horrors of the trenches during WWI and the devastating effects that modern warfare has had on so many people across the world to this day.

Now I learn that another cause can be added to the above list …

…    Being separated from your bloody smartphone !



4 Responses to ““nascent digital culture” .. ?.. No! me neither.”

  1. Surely, you jest. But just the same, it would be traumatic to lose your entire personal record—and this is how many folks (young) use their smartphones. Too much trust in tech, I would think!

  2. Big John said

    No joke Diane …

  3. joared said

    Good grief! Just one more thing. Speaking of PTSD, or rather, writing of it, in recent years I’ve come to wonder about all the WWI and WWII veterans whose aberrant behavior might never have been understood because PTSD wasn’t known then as I think of some individuals I’ve known.

  4. Big John said

    Good point Joared … I had an uncle who was in the Navy in WW2. He spent days in a lifeboat after his ship was torpedoed and was lucky to survive his wounds. He became an alcoholic and ‘destroyed’ his young family after the war…. Now we know !

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