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“At my age flowers scare me.” … George Burns

Posted by Big John on February 11, 2017

Today is my 78th birthday and although I didn’t get my brains knocked out on my recent encounter with a Sainsbury’s ‘zombie’, as I thought might happen (see my last post). However, I could have been affected in some way, as one of my presents from my daughter was this …


 Of course we are !


Who could possibly doubt it ?

 She also gave me the T shirt, which I will always wear with pride. See ! …

 …..   There’s nothing weird about me !


5 Responses to ““At my age flowers scare me.” … George Burns”

  1. …and looking at your younger pictures, it’s clear to see you haven’t changed a bit! Happy 78th. I’m not far behind!

  2. Betty said

    Happy Birthday. Love your T-shirt.

  3. Happy Birthday, John.

  4. rummuser said

    None whatsoever indeed. A belated birthday greetings and best wishes that you see many more.

  5. The presents tell the story–you’re just a perfectly normal half-crazed old geezer. Happy Birthday (a little late, but that’s often a geezer problem).

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