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“The people have spoken, the bastards.” .. Dick Tuck

Posted by Big John on November 10, 2016

Donald Trump predicted that … “It’ll be Brexit .. Plus !.. Plus!.. Plus!” .. and he was right.

All I have to say is that the United States and Great Britain have delivered political ‘revolutions’ despite the fact that both countries have a reputation for stable political systems. Many people may not like it, but it’s democracy at work.

I wonder if all those protesters in the US who voted for Mrs. Clinton will no longer wish to be known as …

….  ‘Democrats’  ?


7 Responses to ““The people have spoken, the bastards.” .. Dick Tuck”

  1. rummuser said

    The losers in democracies call the effect as majoritarianism and claim that it is uncivilised to be so. Heads I win, Tails you lose.

  2. Oddly enough, I don’t seem to remember any republicans taking to the street, smashing windows, and taking over highways when the people voted republican, and we still got Obama in 2008 and 2012. (With the help of the voting dead, and the lost military and overseas ballots. ) And now there is news that Obama is apparently thinking of pardoning Hillary. Hmmm. Ah yes, democracy.

  3. Good advice from my old Dad: “Don’t get down in the mud and wrestle with the pigs.” Those protesters should have followed it. After watching Trump dish out rude and crude for months, it is appalling to see young “Democrats” out destroying property and generally making complete asses of themselves over an election loss.

  4. Betty said

    ok, John, I don’t usually comment on another blogger’s comments, but here goes. First, Trump can’t pardon anyone who hasn’t been tried and convicted of something, and Hillary won’t be. Second, the Republicans didn’t have to take to the streets – they had the promise from Congress that they would obstruct everything Obama wanted to do, and that’s just what they did. The last time the dead voted was back in the Fifties, when we didn’t have voting machines.

    The Democrats aren’t destroying property. They are protesting peacefully, and Trump is hiding out from them like the coward he is.

    Sorry, John. Just couldn’t resist.

  5. ginnie said

    Thank you Betty !!! I’m still a proud Democrat and in my latest blog entry I go back and look at other presidents …. 12 of them in my lifetime and isn’t it interesting that Trump will be NUMBER 13 ! Have you read that thousands are signing up for health insurance under the ACA? I pray that it will be kept in … with needed revisions … it’s been a lifesaver for two of my children.

  6. Always good to learn something new. I now know that breaking windows and bashing police cars is not destroying property.

  7. And that Guiliani was wrong when he said the dead had voted in every election he was ever in, including in recent times. And that the military vote, as reported by the news, wasn’t left uncounted in mail sacks.And finally, that a president can issue a general across the board pardon for all crimes committed in the past, and that may come to light in the future. Which is what some of us would like to see stopped. Or at least issued to all Americans. Wouldn’t you like a get out of jail free card?

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