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‘Catch Up TV’ … why bother ?

Posted by Big John on May 5, 2016

I recently invested in a new ‘all singing and dancing’ Sky+HD satellite TV system, and I am now wondering .. Why ? .. for after scanning through it’s TV guide, I can find very little worth watching apart from one or two US crime series, such as ‘Blue Bloods’ (‘she who must be obeyed’ fancies Tom Selleck) and a few interesting documentaries on the ‘History Channel’ and ‘PBS America’.

Now I know that I have ranted about this before, but ‘Trash TV’ is getting beyond a joke, with an endless parade of blubbing bakers, crying cooks, distraught dancers and assorted ‘wannabes’ taking up many hours of ‘prime time’ TV. Old style game shows for the gormless seem to be back in a big way, along with lots of ‘celeb’ chat show crap for cretins.

Decent drama is hard to find and comes around about once a week if you are lucky, but don’t expect the actors to keep their clothes on, even one of my favourites, the Simla ‘soap’ better known as ‘Indian Summers’ has degenerated into more of a story of ‘rumpy-pumpy’ during the ‘Raj’ than a serious portrayal of the last days of British rule in India.

Still, it’s not all bad news. ‘Game of Thrones’ is back, so the old brainbox gets a workout, as I try to stay with the plot (is there one ?) and tell a Lannister from a Targaryan; and tonight will see me sitting in front of my TV wearing my flat cap, with a glass of stout in hand as I eagerly await the return of those 1920’s haircuts and the  bloody tale of  the …

… ‘Peaky Blinders’ !


8 Responses to “‘Catch Up TV’ … why bother ?”

  1. We cut the cord a while ago and depend on internet TV like Sling and Hulu. It’s still a lot of junk, but it’s cheaper.

  2. We still have cable (my husband can not let go of his fav. sports casts), but we opted for Netflix, and the selection is different, if not really better. We binge-watched House of Cards—best drama I’ve seen in a long time. It’s ended until next season, but we do find some good comedic and talk shows. So, it’s worth the requisite $8 a month!

  3. My husband and I start the day with five minutes of news. And bets on how far the story will have progressed by the time we watch another five before going to bed. So far, no new facts is the winner. On mondays we watch Big Bang Theory. It’s so close to the reality of his math department. We are Penny and Leonard. On tuesdays we get Miss Pryne Fisher murders, on wednesdays Dr Who, Fridays is a wonderful local color mystery about a massively huge detective (he has to take the front seat out to drive) in a small bath spa town called Bad Tölz who has to fight his aggressive mama and the local band of amigos- corrupt politicians- to solve murders most Bavarian. Oh, and of course NCIS on Sunday, whose Gibbs moves, talks and thinks, like my own wonderful dad. In Germany watching tv is being intellectually weak and in league with the devil, but we find one hour per day relaxing. Usually recorded and watched when I get home from teaching late at night. More and we don’t get our work done.

  4. Big John said

    Thanks for the visit Diane and Mahala. Your comments are most welcome.

  5. Big John said

    “murders most Bavarian” … The mind boggles, Lin .. 🙂

  6. It is a world turned upside down when a Brit watches several American shows and we watch mostly UK productions.

  7. Excuse me for being facetious here, but it seems to me that Brits love to vicariously kill each other- the two kinds of shows, it seems to me, are the absolutely marvelous weakest link brainiac type, and soap operas, usually very class conscious. It apparently keeps the social tension level down. The Americans would love to wipe people out vicariously and with that kind of panache. The American shows are in general “let me out of here” ie car chases, over long distances. That’s why Angela Landsbury specified no car chases in murder she wrote. If you drive in England, for me it is heaven. Long green winding lanes with trees meeting at the top over the road. Like being back in the womb, but you can’t go fast, and you can’t race a car. We Americans are often seen as the noble savages who do the things no Brit would do. And look great in a flowered Hawaii shirt besides. At least some of us.

  8. Ginnie said

    “Why bother” is exactly my sentiment too. I have just the very basic cable and it is still expensive. My son refuses to pay and has an old fashioned antennae on his roof. He actually gets as many stations as I do and when he gets down here we are going to do the same for me. I get the news from the Internet and about the only TV I watch is “Jeopardy” so it should be fine.

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