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‘Brexit’ … Not such .. “A leap in the dark”.

Posted by Big John on February 21, 2016

My very first job when I left school in 1955 was with a large travel agency. It was at a time when ‘package holidays’ were just taking off and I found myself working with a team of people from all over Europe. The job itself was a bit boring, but the company and friendship of those ‘foreigners’ more than made up for it. I even managed to wangle a few free trips across the Channel. I loved it, and I have loved visiting Europe ever since. I have travelled extensively on the continent, speak ‘food and drink’ in several languages and once owned a modest holiday home in Spain. I have been employed by both Italian and German companies. In fact, I have always considered myself to be ‘European’.

So .. How will I vote in June ? .. IN ? .. or .. OUT ?

That’s possibly a tough one, and our Dave’s recent pissing about in Brussels has not made it any easier, because as I see it, the Eurozone countries will continue towards their full political and monetary union, and we, as some sort of junior partner, will be at their mercy as they make decisions which are in their own interest. We will have no influence, but, I assume that, as the second largest contributor to the EU bottomless money pit, we will still be handing over billions of pounds to the Brussels’ bureaucrats.

I doubt if co-operation on issues as important as security, science, defence and, above all, ‘trade’ would disappear if we vote to leave. So I would still be able to enjoy my German beer, my French wine, my Dutch cheese, my Belgium chocolate, my Italian salami, my Spanish olives and all those other European ‘goodies’.

“How will I vote?” … I’ll give it some thought, but it’s beginning to look like a …

… ‘no-brainer’ !


2 Responses to “‘Brexit’ … Not such .. “A leap in the dark”.”

  1. The pro and con arguments have rather striking similarities to early days in U.S. history when one state or group of states or another regularly threatened to leave the union. Of course, one group finally got so pissed they exited and started a very bloody war. Doesn’t look like an EU civil war lies ahead, but it will be interesting to see what the Brits decide.

  2. Ginnie said

    I can’t imagine having to make that decision. Our world is changing faster than seems possible. I almost wish I would live another 20 years or so to see what happens.

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