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“Beliefs are what divide people. Doubt units them” .. Peter Ustinov

Posted by Big John on December 10, 2015

I see that nearly 50% of people in this country now claim to be non-religious, with, according to a recent inquiry, only two in five British people now identifying as Christian; with Islam, Hinduism and Sikhism overtaking Judaism as the largest non-Christian faiths in Britain: and with many of the Christian faith moving away from mainstream denominations to evangelical and Pentecostal churches.

I suppose that this means that the UK is no longer officially a Christian country: but why the move away from traditional Christian beliefs ?

Could it be that more and more people have, like me, come to doubt that Jesus Christ ever existed ? … for there is no actual proof that he did.

Please feel free to correct me, but to the best of my knowledge, Christianity is not based on true historical accounts of the time, such as official Roman or Jewish records, but on some very dodgy documents known as the gospels, the first of which was probably written during nutty Nero’s persecution of the Christians in Rome, long after the miraculous events recounted in The Bible.

Other ‘gospels’ are believed to have been written a hundred or more years later, and, over the centuries, these were often incorrectly translated, rewritten, embellished and generally mucked about with by countless priests, scribes, monks and assorted religious zealots.

If Jesus did exist, and to me, it’s a big ‘if’, he was probably just one of the dozens of preachers and ‘wannabe’ Messiahs who were roaming the Holy Land at the time, frightening the sheep, dunking people in the river … and …

… pissing off the Romans !


4 Responses to ““Beliefs are what divide people. Doubt units them” .. Peter Ustinov”

  1. I respect all beliefs, including agnosticism, John, with one exception, practicing evil for evils sake, but to me, the real problem is that most people today go to church only on high holidays, if at all, and thus have never felt the real reason to believe; not historical, or tradition, but simply the incredible power of good in each individual being united through prayer to change things in this world, or even, in some cases, to create miracles. Anyone who prays regularly, and walks into a filled room, can immediately spot other believers. I stopped an agressive type this week who was pushing me physically, repeatedly, in a grocery store line because I didn’t move fast enough by blessing him. “God bless you.” The entire atmosphere relaxed. ps in yoga courses here, they teach that na maste means my goodness meets your goodness. I hope that’s true.

  2. Big John said

    Thanks for such an interesting comment, Lin … I go along with you when it comes to others’ beliefs, and I have often stated in my posts that even though I am an atheist .. “I believe in the right of other people to believe whatever they like when it comes to religion, so long as they do no harm to others and don’t come knocking on my door trying to convert me to their beliefs”.

  3. Betty said

    I live in what I refer to as the Bible Belt Buckle. I learned years ago when someone tells me he/she is a “good Christian” to hang onto my pocketbook and run like a rabbit. I admit, I do believe in a higher power, but I agree with you that the Bible was written by people who never met Jesus. I think he lived, but there is just too much “magical thinking” about his life. And, I don’t believe in churches, especially. I have become to cynical about the people in the congregations. Maybe I’m just nitpicking my beliefs to suit me, but when you live in an area where people are convinced you are an atheist because of your politics, things just get silly.

  4. Ginnie said

    I loved what Betty wrote. It is EXACTLY how the people in my part of the country act. Live and let live seems too hard a principle for them to grasp. Donald Trump is their hero and isn’t that a scary thought ????

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