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How do you pronounce B’Stard ?

Posted by Big John on October 13, 2015

A survey of 2,000 people by audio book company ‘Audible’ to find out the top ten most commonly mispronounced characters in the world of literature has, not surprisingly, come up with ‘Don Quixote’ at the top of their list.

Now names in literature are one thing, but when it comes to real names and place names in this country, there are some that must puzzle not only foreigners, but must also stump most British people; such as …

Belvoir                        pronounced              ‘Beaver’.

Beauchamp                 pronounced              ‘Beecham’.

Wrotham                    pronounced               ‘Rootum’.

Althorp                       pronounced               ‘Awltrup’

Cholmondely               pronounced              ‘Chumlee’

Magdalan                    pronounced              ‘Maudlin’.

Marjoribanks               pronounced              ‘Marchbanks’.

Of course there are many more, of which my all time favourite is …

Featherstonehaugh … which is obviously pronounced … ‘Fanshaw’!

Oh! .. and before I forget, I always loved dining out in the USA and being offered that little brown bottle of …

“Whoos-ess-tire-shy-er” sauce ! … 😉


3 Responses to “How do you pronounce B’Stard ?”

  1. wasn’t it George Bernard Shaw who proposed ghoti is pronounced “fish”-
    gh as in enough, o as in women, and ti as in nation?
    And just out of curiosity, is GB one of the Shaws prounounced “shore”?
    (And isn’t he also the one who suggested that the British and the Americans have everything in common but the language)

  2. Betty said

    Nice try on Worcestershire. I just call it Lea & Perrins.

  3. Gabbygeezer said

    Around here, we call for the Werstirshir. And we pronounce Toole “Twila” in Utah.

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