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God or Goddess ?

Posted by Big John on June 5, 2015

No wonder that the Church of England is fast disappearing up it’s own cassock, when nutty clergy want God to be referred to as female.

What next ? .. Will the saints, archangels and martyrs all have to be re-branded as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender ? .. Mind you, Saint John of Arc sounds about right; and it’s very likely that our own Saint Thomas Becket was a bit more than just a close friend of King Henry II.

Perhaps the Bible will have to be rewritten to include the gospels according to Martha, Martina, Lucy and Joanne; and the nativity story will tell of Mary and Josephine and the birth of …

… ‘the baby Jessica’ !


7 Responses to “God or Goddess ?”

  1. rummuser said

    We have no such problems Big John. We have so many gods and goddesses that choosing one or two as favourites is the problem.

  2. Grannymar said

    I look forward to the new bible version according to Big John!

  3. Gabbygeezer said

    LOL. What more can I say?

  4. Christians can at least make out a case for their god being male. Did he not father a son?

    Hindu gods and goddesses also have very good claims to gender, there being a tendency to group them in families with a husband-father, a wife-mother and a child.
    (It is thought by some scholars that this natural trio pattern underlies the Christian Trinity.)

    The Classical Greek and Roman deities likewise possessed documented genders. In fact, I cannot think off-hand of any religion that possesses unsexed gods. Usually these are male for the obvious reason: the masculine gender of god helps preserve men’s dominance over women. This, presumably, is the real reason for the gender rebellion within the C of E.

    If I had an axe to grind in the question of the gender of the Christian god, then I would firmly eschew both ‘he’ and ‘she’ and plum firmly for ‘it’.

  5. Ginnie said

    I have two femaile friends who have always referred to God as “she”. All this silliness just makes it easier for me to remain an atheist !

  6. Beatrice P. Boyd said

    This is one thing I have never thought of before with all the publicity surrounding the “he” celebrity who now refers to being “she.”
    (I am a first time visitor who stopped in from Goldendaze Ginnie’s blog.)

  7. Big John said

    Hello Beatrice … Thanks for the comment … Nice of you to stop by .. John

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