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Dastardly King Dick’s Departure.

Posted by Big John on March 24, 2015

If ever you wanted to see the eccentric English people at their barmy best, then you couldn’t have wished for a better example than the five day send-off being given to a king who was cast as an evil and twisted villain by the Tudors, and was then immortalised as a hunchbacked evil schemer by William Shakespeare.

Now it would seem that (after some 500 years and not a few dead bodies) he wasn’t such a bad bloke after all. In fact King Richard III seems to have quite a following of fans, if the thousands of people who turned out to see his coffin are anything to go by.

Now at this point I have to say that I could have done without all the religious ‘mumbo-jumbo’, but, even as a ‘republican’ history nut, I quite enjoyed (perhaps for the wrong reasons) all those medieval moments, with the men in armour, the horses, the banners, the beating drums and the booming cannons: but what really surprised me was the respect shown by all those slightly potty people, who queued for hours outside the cathedral to get a look at the coffin of a murderous monarch who lost his horse and was hacked to death in 1485: and although I saw the whole event as more than a bit bonkers, one thing did strike me, which was that, even in this land of ever increasing boorish behaviour, the spectators were behaving with some degree of dignity until, that is, there was that dopey ‘Diana’ display, as Yorkist white roses where flung at the coffin, and some ‘Plantagenet’ plonker in the crowd yelled …

… “Long live King Richard !”


4 Responses to “Dastardly King Dick’s Departure.”

  1. Grannymar said

    Best laugh I had today!

  2. Dick Klade said

    I get a trifle bored sometimes, maybe coffin viewing would be a worthwhile occupation. Probably not.

  3. Red Baron said

    I always had a bit of time for R III, I mean fair play he led the troops in and all that, you can’t see the current mob doing any of that! Also as regards the princes in the tower strikes me if you look at this as Sir Colombo of Leicester then you have to ask yourself who had the most to gain from the princes murder? The man already in charge with time and influence on his side, or the nasty Tudor fella who had everything to gain by their death and the besmirchment of the incumbent. I put it to you m’lud…

    Furthermore I used to park my car in the now fabled car park!

  4. Ginnie said

    Just goes to prove that crowds will gather for anything … and they can be swayed by pomp and gibberish very easily…scarey stuff !

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