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A load of old …. !

Posted by Big John on March 10, 2015

In a comment on my last post from my American friend Ginnie, she asked if .. “Maybe you could teach me a few English expletives ?”. Naughty old Ginnie ! .. 🙂

That’s a difficult one, for as far as I can tell swear words seem to be much the same on both sides of ‘the pond’. Although we British don’t seem to include the word ‘mother’ in the same breath as a word which now seems to be almost ‘de rigueur’, and the rarely uttered ‘son of a bitch’ doesn’t carry the same power to shock as it seems to in the USA.

Many years ago I read about an Englishman who lived in Los Angeles and drove around town in a big flash car with personalised licence plates. Apparently the word on the plates did not cause offence, as it seemed to be unknown in America.

Now here in the UK this word is what I might call ‘flexible’, as it can be used in a number of ways, but for me it works well when I knock over my glass of wine or read about my favourite ‘royals’. So, Ginnie, please feel free to use this ‘Olde English’ expletive whenever it takes your fancy.

The word ? … Well, of course, what else could it be, but …



5 Responses to “A load of old …. !”

  1. rummuser said

  2. Ginnie said

    Thanks. You’ve made my day John. When I grew up the F__k word was NEVER used in polite company …until we entertained British sailors during the
    WW 11 years. My mother almost washed out one of our young guests mouth until he explained that it was about as bad as Gosh or Shucks over here.
    Was he being honest John or just covering up ? (PS: we loved our British sailors and some kept in touch for years after the war.)

  3. Gabbygeezer said

    I’m going to launch a few “Bollocks” and see if anybody around here has a vague notion of what I mean. Should be fun.

  4. Big John said

    Ramana … So that’s why the Filipino waiters on our cruise ship were laughing at the lady on the next table. .. 😉

    Ginnie .. I think that your ‘jolly jack tar’ was covering for himself. They don’t say “swears like a sailor” for nothing.. 🙂

    Dick .. Try “What a load of old bollocks” when you disagree with something someone has said. Just try not to get kicked in the bollocks ! .. 😦

  5. Gabbygeezer said

    Years ago, the given name of the wife of a coworker was Kiki. She seemed a pleasant, proper lady. Little did I know!

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