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Have a great day America … but …

Posted by Big John on November 26, 2014

In previous posts I have often had a little moan about how American customs have found their way ‘across the pond’.

OK, so some can be related to British festivals, and as much as I dislike the ‘import’, ‘Trick or Treat’ does have some connection with our own Halloween: but how do you show this country’s connection to most of our other new ‘traditions’, such as those ‘celeb’ style school proms and those bizarre junior beauty pageants ?

Now I have just read, that an increase in the sale of turkeys during this month has been due to the fact that some families in this country now celebrate Thanksgiving with a traditional American meal.

I’m not sure if I believe this to be true, but if it is, then you can bet ‘your bottom dollar’ that, right at this moment, some smart-arse marketing man is planning a UK ‘Stars and Stripes’ campaign for next year’s …

… Fourth of July !


6 Responses to “Have a great day America … but …”

  1. rummuser said

    You will win the bet. The marketing geniuses are already at work here with various days, including valentine’s day and it won’t be too long before they come up with Thanksgiving too.

  2. People often forget the reasons behind a festival. For example, how many folk, as they set off their fireworks on and around November 5th, know or care about the historic events that this recalls and that they are supposedly celebrating the fact that Parliament and the Monarch survived a dastardly plot? (Or the context of horrendous religious persecution within which the event occurred.) Precious few, I imagine.

    Ignorance is not at home solely on this side of the Atlantic, of course: an American correspondent of my partner recently expressed incredulity on learning that we do not celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK.

    If Hallowe’en involved fasting, cold baths and self-flagellation, you can be sure that no one would dream of importing it to the UK. The fact that it involves freeloading on sweets and other treats is sufficient motive for naturalizing a foreign festivity. It’s all about self-interest.

  3. Big John said

    What ! Ramana … Don’t you still celebrate jolly old ‘Empire Day’ ? … 😉

    Nice to hear from you again ‘Tiger’ … and now we have ‘Black Friday’ .. That’s all we need .. 😦

  4. rummuser said

    No Big John, autocorrect has now made it Umpire Day in honour of Dickie Bird. (

  5. Gabbygeezer said

    I’d like to keep the best American holiday, Thanksgiving, right here and no place else. Of course, that’s not a marketeer’s opinion.

  6. Ginnie said

    …and a Happy Turkey Day to you too, John !

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