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“Now, what did I want ?”

Posted by Big John on May 8, 2014

Can someone please explain why so many people visit their local supermarket without a shopping list ? Each time that I am in Sainsbury’s I hear some trolley (cart) pushing partner asking their companion … “Do we have any butter in the fridge ?” or … “Do we need more sugar ?” …

… and it’s not just old farts like me who are at it, for around the corner in almost every aisle is some young mum hanging on to a little brat with one hand, as she presses her smart phone to her ear with the other and enquires … “Should I get another pack of sausages?”…

…  or the lady in the booze section, with a voice trained to ‘frighten the horses’ who insists that everyone in the store should be aware that she is not sure if there is .. “any more of that delightful little Côtes du Rhône left in the cellar?”.

Yesterday, before I even got out of my car, I heard someone in the carpark asking … “Do we need any bread today?”

Blimey ! .. It’s not ‘rocket science’, all you need is a pencil and paper and a quick look in the freezer and kitchen cupboards before you leave home.

No wonder I see so many people ‘just popping in’ to the store to pick up ‘one or two items’. I suppose that they have to, otherwise at every mealtime you would hear … “Pass the …

… Oh! .. I forgot to get some.” 


6 Responses to ““Now, what did I want ?””

  1. I’m a slave to lists of all kind, especially grocery lists. I shop for groceries once a week and plan out menus. If I didn’t, I would get home with a lot of things I just don’t need, and my budget would go right out the window.

  2. Grannymar said

    I do a big shop about every three months and stock up on dry goods and non perishables, then in between I buy the fresh stuff. Not tolerating ‘dairy’ items, is a bonus, saves me daily visits to the shops.

    Now back to my list…………

  3. rummuser said

    Ah, to live in India! I don’t need to go shopping. I simply telephone and everything is delivered at home. I still prepare lists before I call, so that I don’t unduly cause too many trips for the delivery boy.

  4. Big John said

    The major supermarkets in the UK offer an ‘on-line’ order and delivery service, Ramana, but I’ve seen how the ‘pickers’ in Sainsbury’s select the produce, and I don’t trust the buggers ! … 🙂

  5. Gabbygeezer said

    Paying close attention to your advice, I made a detailed list yesterday. Then I forgot to bring it to the market.

  6. Ginnie said

    You would be so proud of me, John. I make very detailed lists and even put down which stores to go to get specific items. The only problem is that I usually leave the list on the very organized desk where I made them !!!

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