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I wonder if Jecca is a ‘hot’ shot ?

Posted by Big John on February 15, 2014

“Pass another sandbag, Willy”

“OK, Harry, but why are we doing this ?”

“Oh, some PR toady at the Palace thought that we needed a photo opportunity showing us helping the poor peasants who’s homes have been flooded, just like all those useless  politicians were shown last week poncing about in their wellies.”

“I suppose that it’s the same old story. You know, to counter our cock-ups they usually send us off to be photographed cuddling a starving African baby or visiting a children’s hospice.”

“So, what did we do this time ?”

“I think that it’s because we joined Daddy in signing up to help save endangered wildlife, like elephants and rhino, after we had just spent a few days shooting the shit out of half the wild boar and stags in Spain.”

“Never mind Willy, at least it’s not as bad as what happened to poor Daddy and Step-Mummy when the bloody plebs disapproved. They had to give up their jolly old …

… fox hunting!”


4 Responses to “I wonder if Jecca is a ‘hot’ shot ?”

  1. Grannymar said

    John, if you or I were going out to help in a situation like the two visits you mention, I bet you would wear old clothes and not arrive like models on a catwalk. How many sandbags makes a photo call?

  2. Alan G said

    Yes, they did show Harry and the Prince on national news here also manhandling those sandbags. I did have to chuckle however because in the video they were showing everyone seemed to be tossing the sandbags to their hand-off partner but in Harry’s case they were carrying it over to him and gently handing it to him. By the look on Harry’s face I don’t think he was too impressed with their gesture. 😀

  3. Big John said

    Thanks for the comment Alan. I missed that shot on the TV news. Perhaps those gently handing over to Harry were flunkies from the Palace. 🙂

  4. Gabbygeezer said

    I’m aghast. Do you really think the royals’ PR people would resort to subterfuge?

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