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“It’s, like, infringing me human rights, innit?”

Posted by Big John on November 28, 2013

Just like the call to bring back the death penalty, every so often some politician puts forward a proposal to reintroduce ‘National Service’. In fact there is a private member’s bill before Parliament right now to do just that, and, as usual, publicity seeking idiots think that it is a good idea !

The following is an extract from a post I published in 2008 …

“Many people today would like to see national service reintroduced. Most of them have no experience of service life and think that a good dose of military discipline would ‘straighten out’ our current crop of yobs and layabouts. I doubt that it would, for even in my day we had our share of tearaways and rebels and although many of them finished their service as better people it was not due to screaming drill sergeants or a few days in the guardhouse, it was because we were all in it together and being ‘exposed’ to our fellow man made us into more tolerant and mature human beings.

I think that a short period of some form of ‘service’ may benefit many of our present youth, but not in the military, for unlike my generation they have not been brought up to expect to serve in the armed forces, and attitudes in general and the military itself have changed beyond recognition.”

I am relieved to see that the new bill does not call for military conscription for all, but for young people between 18 and 26 (surely over 19 is a bit late?), to spend a year doing charitable work or public service, in which the armed forces would be an option alongside the emergency services, the NHS, elderly or disabled care, social action and overseas development.

Now comes the dodgy bit; for the scheme would include … “educational assistance for those participants who have yet to attain basic educational requirements of reading and writing in English and mathematics”, as well as “instruction to attain basic levels of fitness, personal discipline, smart appearance, self-respect and respect for others.” … In other words, illiterate, innumerate, obese, nasty, scruffy, anti-social morons !

Does the ‘honourable member’ from ‘another planet’, who has introduced this bill really believe that those same “participants” would actually get out of bed and …

…  report for duty ?


2 Responses to ““It’s, like, infringing me human rights, innit?””

  1. rummuser said

    There is something sinister going on John. and what I read about the UK is this

  2. Big John said

    Umm ? … It makes you wonder, Ramana.
    Sorry that your comment was delayed in the system.

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