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“Sticks and stones”.. ?

Posted by Big John on August 3, 2013

I have a confession to make …

I have never ‘tweeted’ ! .. In fact, I have never felt the urge to ‘tweet’, and have always found it a little strange that millions of people feel the need to let the whole world know such important information as .. how stinking drunk they were last night, or which cheek of their arse now has a new tattoo: but if it makes them happy, then who am I to belittle what appears to be a harmless addiction ?

What I find even more strange is all the press coverage at the moment about the so-called internet ‘Trolls’ who abuse and threaten ‘tweeters’ with their on-line comments, causing many to have mental breakdowns and even driving some to the point of suicide ! Not funny, I know, but perhaps I am missing something here, as I do not know the workings of ‘Twitter’ and other such social network sites.

Perhaps someone can enlighten me, for surely there is a simple solution if you recognize that you are being ‘trolled’, or is there some rule or device which ensures that all ‘Twitter’ members  …

… must read all that crap ?


2 Responses to ““Sticks and stones”.. ?”

  1. Grannymar said

    Trolls on twitter are like trolls on Blogs or bullies in the school yaard. Face up to them and they run and cry in a corner.

  2. Right you are, Grannymar. I have no intention of every “tweeting,” but do visit Facebook to see what my few relatives and very close friends are up to. The nasty types either eliminate themselves when I challenge them a time or two, or I eventually hit the button to blot their comments out. Good questions you pose here, John.

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