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Naive, or just plain stupid ?

Posted by Big John on July 7, 2013

Question … How can you be a Prime Minister, President, or Foreign Secretary and be described as ‘naive’ ? I thought that naive meant .. “having or showing a lack of experience, judgment, or information; credulous” ! .. and yet, this is how the press are referring to our world leaders’ joyful attitude towards the so-called “Arab Spring”.

I remember commenting at the time … “be careful what you wish for” !

Now, I’m no expert on the Middle East or the Arab World, but even I could see that the region was more than likely to descend into chaos after autocratic leaders, whose rule was measured in decades, were suddenly ousted, and that the possibility of political, economic and social change was not going to happen once various political, religious and tribal factions, not to mention extremist nutters, tried to grab power.

It’s worth noting that not one of the ‘Arab Spring’ countries has yet established stable, democratic institutions, and several are sliding toward greater instability and turmoil, and those same ‘naive’ world leaders can’t seem to tell the good guys from the bad guys (can anyone ?), and still seem to think that the whole bloody mess has something to do with …

… democracy !


2 Responses to “Naive, or just plain stupid ?”

  1. I’m afraid you’re right, John. We have destabilized every country we have purported to “help”. I do wish we would stay out of everybody else’s business an take a look around our own country, which seems to be crumbling, both in our infrastructure and our moral compass. We just can’t seem to keep from interfering in other countries. I think we think we are “nation-building” or some such rot, when we are actually just being intrusive. I’m surprised countries all over the world don’t just kick us out and be done with it.

  2. Rummuser said

    I have maintained that the Islamic world is going through and will continue to go through turbulence for the next few years. Shia vs Sunni, Islamists vs Secular Muslims, Rulers vs the ruled, Taliban vs the non Taliban, Buddhists vs Muslims and so on and so forth. We will see much more in many places before the dust settles down to a completely different Islamic world. Quite what it would look like is anybody’s guess. We should all worry about Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal rather than anything else. We should simply let them sort it all out among themselves.

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