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Here we go again. – Part Six.

Posted by Big John on February 1, 2013

I see that our Dave is once again meddling in matters that do not concern this country; for when did we ever have any ‘interests’ in Mali. I’m pretty certain that, if they have ever heard of it, most people think that Timbuktu is a made up name meaning the middle of nowhere !

As usual, he lied from day one, when he said that our only involvement would be the loan of a couple of transport plans to the French armed forces. Now he has added a spy plane and promised that 350 or so British troops will be sent to the region despite his ‘promise’ of .. “no boots on the ground” !

Now ‘Dave of the Desert’ is rushing about all over North Africa and beyond “As-salam alaykum”-ing to some very dodgy politicians, left over from the “be careful what you wish for” ‘Arab Spring’, and promising .. “The British people want to stand with you” ! .. I wonder which of us told him that ?

He hasn’t gone as far as shouting “Allah hu akbar” yet, but he will if it means oil, gas and maybe a few votes from our own homegrown ‘Muslim Brotherhoods’.

History has often shown us that politicians, when facing problems at home, look for enemies abroad as a means of diverting attention, and so, Dave is rushing us into another overseas conflict, no doubt without any thought of an ‘exit strategy’, and the talk is all of “mission creep”: but what we should all be more concerned about is …

… the ‘creep’ who is in charge !


2 Responses to “Here we go again. – Part Six.”

  1. rummuser said

  2. Big John said

    Nice one, Ramana. Great lyrics !

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