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Would you cuddle a caveman clone ?

Posted by Big John on January 22, 2013

So Professor Church of Harvard Medical School believes that he can resurrect the Neanderthal species, which became extinct more than 30,000 years ago, by reconstructing it’s DNA.

Don’t bother Prof, as your research will cost a bloody fortune, and is a waste of time and effort; as you would find out if you visited any football (soccer) stadium or city centre pub on any Saturday, for there, with your own eyes, you would be able to see that our Paleolithic cousins are still around, only now they wear replica team shirts (and sometimes genuine ones) instead of animal skins and keep their hoodies up to hide their prominent brows.

Our present day knuckle draggers can also be found gnawing on ribs, late at night, outside any fast food joint as they try to decide who’s head to kick next, while their ‘macho’ male mates are vomiting in the gutter, or pissing through someone’s letter box before dragging off some brainless bimbo for a quick bonk in the bushes.  

Hang on a minute ! I’ve just read that Professer Church believes that Neanderthals were not the lumbering brutes of the stereotype and that their brains were roughly the same size as ours. In fact, he says ..”Neanderthals might think differently than we do” .. and that .. “They could even be more intelligent than us.”

Oh dear ! They sound more like dear old Fred Flintstone. How unkind of me to compare these sensitive prehistoric hunter gatherers, with their thoughts and feelings, to today’s cave dweller like cretins  ?

My sincere apologies to …

…  ‘Homo neanderthalensis’ !


3 Responses to “Would you cuddle a caveman clone ?”

  1. Ramana said

    I salute you.

  2. Grannymar said

    We have not moved on, only backwards, it would seem. 😦

  3. Dick Klade said

    Alley Oop also seems more gentlemanly than some of the weirdos seen lately around here.

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