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Who’s a clever gel then ?

Posted by Big John on December 4, 2012

Last week the newspapers were full of crap about Kate’s bloody hair style and how clever she was to play hockey in high heeled boots !

Now we learn that not only can she smile, shake hands, fart and say “hellooww”, but she can puke as well, due to the fact that she is pregnant with, just what we need, another bleedn’ heir to the throne !

Let me say, before I continue with this rant, that I hope she is soon out of hospital, has a trouble free pregnancy and delivers a healthy baby, but let me also say that I wish that she would sod off somewhere else and have it !

The media, of course is having a ‘field day’ with the story, with the news that “the whole nation” (Yes, that again !) is celebrating. Well I suppose that it has pushed the Leveson Report and the state of the country’s economy off the front pages, and probably most of the world’s news for the next few months; so can you imagine the furore when the little bugger is born. Blimey ! .. I bet that every daft old dear in the country is already getting out the knitting needles.

As you would expect, the press is full of comments such as .. “Di would have made a wonderful grandmother” .. and .. “that William and Kate will do their utmost to give their son or daughter as normal an upbringing as possible” (just like the rest of the pampered and privilaged clan !): but the one that left me speechless was one journalist idiot who claimed to have already known of Kate’s condition .. How ? .. 

..”It was all thanks to Kate’s hair: her great symbol, the vehicle through which she speaks to her public”..

What the fu … ! .. I said I was speechless !


5 Responses to “Who’s a clever gel then ?”

  1. mariafromsilverfox said

    How fun. Just think of all the ggod blog material to come from Kate’s pregnancy. .

  2. Somehow, John, I never doubted for a moment that you would weigh in on this topic with vigor. Meanwhile, here in the U.S. where our ancestors fought fiercely to get out from under the control of royals, our media devoted considerable space to aggrandizing this inconsequential pregnancy. Who can explain it?

  3. Ginnie said

    Well, after all, John, it takes the spotlight off of the woes of the world … gives us a chance to get our heads buried deep in the sand and then maybe all that “ugly” stuff will go away !!

  4. rummuser said

    Two heirs I am now informed John! No, that is not a typo.

  5. Grannymar said

    Twenty tiny fingers
    Twenty tiny toes
    Two angel faces
    each with a turned up nose…..

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