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More misguided meddling !

Posted by Big John on November 29, 2012

It’s nearly a year ago since I posted about our Dave being after my gin and tonic; but as nothing much has happened in the meantime, I thought that my favourite tipple was safe from the ‘nanny state’: but I was wrong for our prick Prime Minister now seems to be intent on increasing the price of booze, on the flawed assumption that higher prices will reduce binge drinking.

It would seem that, increasingly, the state has decided that it knows what is best for the ordinary citizens of this country, and that our own opinions are not remotely relevant. Our politicians are, now more than ever, decreeing what is bad for us, and robbing people of the ability to think for themselves. Of course the politicians involved in all these new policies aimed at ‘saving us from ourselves’ never inform us that they are really aimed at raising revenue.

The ‘we know better than you’ mob have come up with another couple of ideas recently … Increase car parking charges to force people to walk and cycle more .. and .. ban fast food outlets, such as fish and chip shops (remember providing smaller salt shakers with finer holes ?), from being opened near to schools: and, as you would expect, some ‘nanny’ bright spark has suggested that those ‘chippies’ already located near schools should sell .. Yes!  .. You’ve guessed it  .. “healthy options”!

I bet that the kids in the queue outside Niko’s ‘Typhoidopulos Pizza and Fish Bar’ are really looking forward to that, but I can’t see the old doner kebab slicer offering …

… a ‘Fruit and Veggie Combo’ anytime soon !


6 Responses to “More misguided meddling !”

  1. Ginnie said

    Well, your country sounds about as crazy as ours! How comforting….

  2. What! A frontal assault on gin! My god, this is the sort of thing to try men’s souls. I’m off to lay in a supply of automatic weapons just in case the concept spreads to the U.S. I will not go down without a fight on this one.

  3. Grannymar said

    John, The one thing I was listening out for in this drink discussion was the removal of a drink subsidy from Student’s Union, in Universities. If they did that maybe the students might do some actual reading and not come away without graduating in AA studies.

  4. Ginnie said

    Thanks for your kind comment on the loss of my sister John and I wish you the same on your loss. Sending a hug…

  5. Anton UK said

    I couldn’t agree more John, I’m a non-smoker myself but I listen in disbelief at the steps the anti-smoking zealots are prepared to go to to control other peoples choices. This I’m-in-charge-and-I-know-best-attitude runs all through government today and it knows no bounds. If tobacco was banned today, tomorrow the same people would move to something else, probably your gin.

  6. rummuser said

    Big John, you should see the things our chaps do. They tax the booze high enough for bootleggers to distill in the local equivalents of the old Irish shebeens. Often such brews kill or maim the poor sods who cannot afford to buy the better stuff and they nationalise the illegals and start the process all over again! There is one state which is totally dry but where you can get all the booze that you want at prices lower than the adjoining wet states where wholesalers smuggle the stuff into the dry state and make whopping cash profits plus quantity bonuses,

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