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Pyro-Pontiffs !

Posted by Big John on October 8, 2012

I’ve just finished watching the final episode of season two of  “The Borgias” which I enjoyed almost as much as season one, although you can have too much holy ‘humping’.

The latest episodes continued the usual bloody killings, tortures and poisonings: with lots of gorgeous costumes and although, in parts, it was a bit “history-lite” it kept up a pace with the introduction of such famous characters as Machiavelli and the ‘bonkers’ priest Savonarola who put a torch to “The Bonfire of the Vanities”. Of course that was before Pope Alexander VI “put a torch” to him, which brings me on to another subject …

… “Vatileaks”… In other words the show trail of Paolo Gabriele, the Pope’s personal valet, who was convicted of stealing secret papers from the Vatican and sentenced to 18 months in prison. However, it is unlikely that the Vatican employee, who enjoys the privileges of Vatican citizenship and its perks, will ‘do time’ either inside the Vatican or in an Italian jail. He should think himself lucky, for in the days of the Borgia Popes he would have been hanging in chains in a dungeon of the Castel Sant’Angelo while merry Micheletto cut bits off of him before incinerating what was left.

Now it must be remembered that before he became Pope, Cardinal Ratzinger spent twentyfour years as boss of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, previously known as the “Holy Office of the Inquisition”. So it comes as no surprise to learn that during Paolo’s trial it was revealed that some of the documents taken by the butler were so confidential (can you imagine!) that they had been marked, in German, by the Pope himself … “to be burned” ! …  for throughout history, when it comes to the unpleasant truths about their religion …

… That’s what Popes have always done !


5 Responses to “Pyro-Pontiffs !”

  1. Both the TV series and the recent trial show what a disgusting bunch of people the popes and the mafia they head are.

    It’s just a pity that Paolo Gabriele didn’t have the nous to betake himself in time to a nearby Ecuadorian embassy…

  2. Oh for a moment, I thought you were going to tell me the Church was improving over time. LOL And to think the people in America crowd to the churches in a blind frenzy of faith!

  3. Grannymar said

    I was wondering if the documents were so confidential that they had been marked, by the Pope himself … “to be burned”, Why he was still keeping them? Do you think it was the bill for the Last Supper?

  4. Ginnie said

    What a fiasco… Don’t they own a shredder?? My own take on the whole thing is that it sounds like a 2nd rate soap opera …the secrets of a Valet in the Vatican seem so unimportant with all the problems we have worldwide. (no wonder religion is on the way out!)

  5. storyofnadia said

    In America, we don’t ALL flock to the churches in a blind frenzy.

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