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“It’s ‘toff’ at the top” !

Posted by Big John on September 25, 2012

I’m sure that we have all had enough of “Gategate“, and although ‘Thrasher’ Mitchell appears to be a thoroughly unpleasant Tory ‘toff’ who considers himself to be superior to the police “plebs” who wouldn’t open the main Downing Street security gate for him and his bike: but in fairness, I have to say that I have come across a few officious coppers in my time who I’m sure would not hesitate to ‘put words into the mouth’ of anyone who pissed them off. In the old days, before CCTV and tape recording, it was known as “the verbals” when police officers gave evidence in court of verbal statements claimed to have been made by a suspect.

What Mitchell said is now irrelevant, as the mud will stick, and I’m sure that, to most members of the public, it sounds precisely the sort of thing one of Dave’s best mates would say as the ex-Bullingdon Club crowd and their like probably consider themselves to be a ‘patrician’ elite who were born to rule, just as they believe that all we poor plebs were born to ‘tug our forelocks’ and vote to keep them in power.

If you don’t believe me … How come leading Tory toff, Boris ‘bloody’ de Pfeffel Johnson, better known as ‘BoJo‘, is being tipped as our next …

… Prime Minister ?


2 Responses to ““It’s ‘toff’ at the top” !”

  1. Joseph de Maistre famously averred that “Toute nation a le gouvernement qu’elle mérite”, usually translated as “Every nation has the government it deserves”. While this dictum may seem unduly severe, especially where dictatorships are established by violent coup, I suspect it is truer of the UK than of some other countries. Why else would London have voted Boris in for a second term? The mind recoils at the degree of dumb stupidity on the part of voters that this outcome implies. The British do tend to go on voting for the same party again and again, afraid of change, until that party finally runs itself into the wall.
    So yes, the next government could very easily be Tory (having shed the irrelevant LibDems) and Boris, the Clown on Wheels, could just as easily become PM. If it happens it is because we deserve it for being so utterly spineless.

  2. Ginnie said

    Sounds like that guy and Mitt Romney should team up…they are both way out of touch with we commoners ! …unless they’re caught on camera or mike, that is.

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