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Keeping ‘abreast’ of the news.

Posted by Big John on September 17, 2012

I’m trying very hard to resist commenting on Kate’s boobs, but it’s not easy, for although they are nothing to get too excited about, those ‘knockers’ have knocked just about every other news story off the front pages of our newspapers.

A bloody civil war in Syria ! .. Fatwas and fury in the Middle East ! .. Iran threatening to wipe out Israel ! .. 23 million people threatened with starvation in West Africa ! .. None of this seems to be as important as topless royal ‘totty’.  Blimey ! It’s an even bigger story than ‘hero’ Harry being ‘targeted’ by the Taliban.

What will the papers be full of next week ? … Umm ! .. Probably pictures of  …

… Pippa’s bum !


5 Responses to “Keeping ‘abreast’ of the news.”

  1. grannymar said

    You read my thoughts at breakfast time. Aunty Beeb may not be showing pictures, but she sure as hell is getting mileage out of this AND the licence payers are letting them away with it!

    If people didn’t buy the papers there would be no jobs for those dreadful photographers, journalists and editors.

  2. All the media I get have been featuring the topless Kate story, but none are using the photos. I was disappointed until reading your expert assessment of the excitement they would create. Now I can rest easy.

  3. Consider it an interval of comic relief.

    As I understand it, the (in)famous photos were taken from the public highway. We are surely entitled to ask why the potential future queen of England thought it was a good idea to expose herself where she could be seen from said public highway. The court will have to decide whether publishing the photos (as opposed to quietly salivating over them at home) constitutes an invasion of privacy but the fact remains that the royal-by-marriage person at the centre of the dispute acted negligently and that this should be taken into account by the court.

    A further point is that the Royal Family is surely ill-advised to take the matter to court as this will give further publicity to the incident and make the pictures top viewing right around the world. Furthermore, it will only serve to make them a laughing stock.

    Oh, I forgot: they already are…

  4. Ginnie said

    I was pretty sure we’d hear from you concerning the bare facts here, John. I’ve just about given up on TV and other media “news” … what a waste of good time, which certainly includes our ridiculous political ads (both sides). The debates I will watch, though.

  5. Rummuser said

    I am salivating at that prospect!

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