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Time to … “Get the Hell out” !

Posted by Big John on September 12, 2012

Recent press reports about Harry’s (Don’t worry this is not another ‘royal’ rant) posting to Afghanistan say that members of the Afghan army and police will not be allowed anywhere near him due to the increase of so called “Green on Blue” incidents. This usually means that when Nato forces train and mentor Afghan army soldiers and local police, some turn their weapons on the Nato soldiers at close range with predictably bloody and fatal results.

A high ranking Afghan officer recently said …

“I understand why our men are shooting US and NATO soldiers. I too have been personally hurt by the way American forces behave towards my soldiers, our villagers, our religion and culture. Too many of them are racist, arrogant, and simply don’t respect us.”

Of course, invading any country is likely to piss off the locals, and in particular the tribesmen of Afghanistan, who over the centuries have not been too keen on foreigners marching in and telling them how to run their country. 

If today’s ‘Green on Blue’ attacks make you ask the question .. Can the Afghans be trusted ? .. I would suggest that once again we look back at history to an incident in 1842 when the besieged British garrison (an Anglo-Indian force) in Kabul, their situation hopeless, somehow managed to negotiate a treaty for ‘safe passage’ to leave Afghanistan. They planned to march to Jalalabad, but they never made it. 16,500 men, women and children were massacred along the way.

Those poor buggers in 1842 put their trust in the Afghan leaders and, obviously, did not have much of an ‘exit strategy’: and I doubt if those in charge today know how they are going to leave or what will happen to that country and it’s people when they ‘put their trust’ in it’s corrupt leaders, but then they never had a bloody clue what they were doing there in the first place !

Let us hope that all goes well when the time comes to ‘retreat’, but what a pity it was, before this mess got started, that no one remembered the words of British Prime Minister, Harold Macmillan, when he said …

“Rule number one in politics is never invade Afghanistan” !


3 Responses to “Time to … “Get the Hell out” !”

  1. Betty said

    I think it’s time (for American forces, at least) to get out of the Middle East altogether, and let them have at each other. Then, when the dust, or sand, clears, we can swoop down on the victors, slap them on their backs and said, “We knew you could do it! Now, about all that oil……..

  2. Yes–out now before one more NATO man or woman is killed in a cause that has no merit. I like your strategy, Betty.

  3. Ginnie said

    I will never forgive Georgedubya for starting this whole thing …although I’m sure it was master minded by Chaney and his cronies who were just waiting for their chance. 9/11 played right into their hands. WE NEED TO GET OUT NOW !!

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