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“The unkindest cut of all” !

Posted by Big John on August 29, 2012

Today I have to touch on the delicate, if not painful, subject of circumcision which has been in the news lately after Jewish and Muslim leaders in Germany protested about a regional court ruling in June that said circumcision amounts to “bodily harm”.

Well the only time that I came close to witnessing this operation was, when in Turkey back in the 80’s, I watched two young boys, dressed in robes and crowns, riding horses through the streets of a small town …

I wonder what that is all about ? .. I thought. A little later in the day I found out when the same two boys reappeared, but this time they were riding in the small carriage, to be seen in the above picture, driven by the man in the white hat; and they appeared to be in a state of shock ! In fact I was almost in a state of shock myself when someone explained to me what they had just been through, and that there was no way that they could now ride a horse.

Now I’m going to cut this short (Ouch !) and not get into the subject of the practice of mutilating one’s naughty bits whether it be for religious or hygenic reasons, but I do believe that if it’s not for ‘medical’ reasons then you should be a ‘consenting adult’ before it happens.

On a lighter note …

A Jewish man is looking for the address of the local mohel, which turns out to be a clock repairer’s shop …

“I’m told that you are a mohel” .. he says to the old man behind the counter.

“Yes, that’s right” .. says the old man.

“Then why do you have clocks and watches in your window ?” .. asks the man.

“So, tell me” .. replies the mohel with a shrug of his shoulders … 

 … “What would you have me put in my window ?”  🙂


4 Responses to ““The unkindest cut of all” !”

  1. Anton UK said

    I don’t understand the joke bigjohn, even though I have googled mohel. Perhaps it’s too gentle for this day and age.( I’m pushing 70 by-the-way)
    I agree with the German courts, it’s barbaric and the perpetrators should go to jail. No one(?) argues with female circumcision being wrong although that is more brutal.
    What does the BBC say about it this mutilation as the paralympics begin? Thought not.

  2. Anton UK said

    An aside. An old friend of mine always used to say:
    “There’s many a good tune played on an old fiddle; (pause) with no strings attached”,
    I wonder what he meant?

  3. rummuser said

    Another joke has the loacal barber who performs the rite for Muslims in India being approached by a trader who offers him vast sums of money for the discarded skin. After some months, the barber asks the trader what he does with the skin. The barber says, I make wallets. The barber wonders why the skin is so special and the trader says that the wallet is a wallet when in the pocket and when stroked becomes a suitcase.

  4. A slice job was performed on me with my approval many years ago. Those who have viewed the result since have pronounced the operation a great success.

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