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Who’s been a naughty boy then ?

Posted by Big John on August 24, 2012

Yes ! .. I know … It’s all over the internet, the TV and the newspapers, so I hope that you will forgive me, but I just can’t resist joining in the fun.

Just when the PR toadies at the Palace thought that they had created a new image for the ‘ginger spare’ as a daring army officer Apache helicopter pilot, ‘er Maj’s representative at the Olympics, charity fund raiser and all round ‘Mr. Nice Guy’, he goes and ‘gets caught with his trousers down’, quite literally ! … Well off actually !

Oh dear ! .. Poor old ‘Hooray Harry’ .. Fancy having your ‘crown jewels’ displayed all over the internet. I almost feel sorry for the pampered prick playboy prince (That’ll be the day) !

The only thing to say in his favour is that he is not married, so he is free to cavort ‘bonk’ any consenting female he likes, unlike his mother and father (including the ginger one) who ‘carried on’ regardless of their marriage vows.

What amazes me is that people still seemed surprised by his antics, for this sort of behaviour is nothing new amongst the so called ‘royals’. Remember Edward VIII and Mrs. Simpson and ‘Bertie’ (EdwardVII), his ‘love seat’ and string of mistresses. Even old Queen Victoria had her ‘highland fling’ !  The difference is that now we have smartphones and the internet, so all can be revealed (sorry !).

Harry’s security team are coming in for a ‘bit of stick’, with questions being asked like .. “Where did they conceal their guns ?” .. I dread to think ! .. but I bet that their handcuffs came in handy after the “strip pool” competition finished.

It is rumoured that more photos are to follow. I can hardly wait. Perhaps his big brother was present in Las Vegas, and if so …

… Will they show Prince Willy’s ‘willy’ ?


8 Responses to “Who’s been a naughty boy then ?”

  1. grannymar said

    I’m saying nuttin! I can’t even if I wanted to, with all the laughing.

  2. sadpup said

    What I love about this is Chaz doesn’t have a leg to stand on. He can hardly claim the moral highground when he very publicly cheated on Di with Her Horseyness.

  3. Anton UK said

    From what I could see Harry won’t be stealing your nom de plume from you 🙂 (or should that be Avatar?)
    Any-road-up It was the prospect of pretty ladies that attracted the hits it seems to me; If it had been all blokes messing about who would be bothered to look. Mind you, thinking about it…

    Do you really think he was a grudge baby; that Hewitt had it in for his dad? I always assumed that that had been disproved by timetables and diarys.
    I do like the handcuffs reference; er hum, hum er er ha ha chortle.

    On a heavier note; now that Breivik has been found sane, guilty and sentenced to 21 years, will we now be told the true story, there must be one. They have gone to a lot of effort to silence the indiscriminate murderer ( I first wrote ‘nutjob’ but he is sane, so they say) while he himself maintains he’s a political prisoner. It concerns me that his views are considered so dangerous that they must not be revealed to the proles. He must not have his day in court. I did not expect that when he was finally convicted. They are saying it was about immigration but he didn’t target or kill any immigrants?

  4. Why did I know you would comment on this? Do you suppose Harry would consider running for U.S. president? Obviously, he has very little to hide.

  5. One question is: How many ‘ordinary’ people behave in this way without ever being photographed and having their antics displayed in the papers for the prurient delight of their readers? Putting that another way, is the prince not being blamed, mocked and vituperated for doing what many others are doing and for what a goodly proportion of the paper readers wish they could be doing? Or putting it yet another way, is all the criticism and mockery not larded with a heavy dose of hypocrisy? I, for one, think it is.

    I hold no brief for the Royals and think the monarchy should be abolished. However, I do take the point that the Royals are continually in the spotlight when not under the microscope and are howled at for misdemeanours that would be excused in football players.

  6. Big John said

    Hello ‘Sadpup’ and thank you for your comment. Don’t forget that poor old Di also ‘put it about a bit’ in her time. 😉

    Nice to hear from you again Anton, but Blimey ! that’s a bit of a jump from Harry’s naughty bits to mass murder ! .. and Breivik is most certainly a “nutjob”! and BTW it’s ‘nom de blog’. 🙂

  7. rummuser said

    I feel vindicated. I bet with myself that I will see a post on this from you!

  8. Ginnie said

    I was pretty sure you’d comment on this too, John … but it seems like a lot of hoopla when you figure his age and position on the hierarchy. I hate to admit that our politicians outdo him daily…and that can really be devestating.

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