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Hardly a “Dream Team” !

Posted by Big John on August 18, 2012

Now I don’t pretend to know too much about US politics, and I do get a bit confused when it comes to the process of selecting those who will represent their parties in the Presidential election, but I do know that it seems to take forever; so you would expect the American people to come up with some truly outstanding candidates with all the qualities which great statesmen require to lead that great country.

So how come the Republicans find themselves with Mitt Romney running for the job of the most powerful man in the world ? It seems pretty obvious from his recent undiplomatic behaviour and never ending gaffes that ‘Mitt the Twit’ is just about the worst candidate for high office since Sarah Palin, and she was only after the number two spot !

Mitt’s new running mate for that ‘number two spot’ is Paul D. Ryan of Wisconsin who at times seems to upstage his possible future boss. Even poor old Mitt got confused and introduced Ryan as the “future President” !

Apparently Paulie, who has been described as “cute but cruel” (better than dumb and dull), is a fan of deer hunting with bow and arrow (Ah! the Robin Hood image), ‘catfish noodling’ (sounds like a pervert) and ‘heavy metal’ (“If you believe that …” ?), but as far as I know he doesn’t claim, like some American politicians, that God speaks to him, which may be a disadvantage to him in the land where religious nutters abound.

I won’t bore you with my lack of knowledge about this pairs’ policies on healthcare, immigration, gay rights etc. so I’ll restrict myself to the question … Will Mitt and Paul win in November ?

Well I doubt it, but it’s hard to predict what American voters will do, and what does an old git Brit like me know about electing a President ?

Well I know one thing which I still find hard to believe about those same voters …

… They elected George W. Bush … TWICE ! 


5 Responses to “Hardly a “Dream Team” !”

  1. Ginnie said

    I’m sure it won’t surprise you to know that I completely agree with your representation of the Romney-Ryan duo. It gives me chills to think that my countrymen/women could possibly put them in office …but, as you said, we elected Bush TWICE. President Obama, in my opinion, is a true Statesman..and the first we’ve had in a long time. With all the hatred in our country it doesn’t surprise me that he is blamed for every woe we have … where in reality it is the right wing Tea Party members who have brought us to a stall.

  2. Americans only elected Bushie once. The Supreme Court elected him the second time. The strange stuff is just part of the normal pendulum swings in American political opinion. It probably got to be too far left, and then went the other way with Reagan- Bush philosophy taking control. Trouble is, the swings aren’t predictable, so we’ll just have to wait and see. In the long run, the demographics favor the liberals, but it may be some years before they take control once again.

    I do wish we could shorten these pesky campaigns. The whole thing gets redundant and boring.

  3. Americans perhaps ought tp be glad that a President can serve only two terms, otherwise they might find a more than usually tenacious personality becoming a virtual life dictator. What a pity we don’t have a similar rule here, forcing the resignation of a PM after two Parliaments. This would cause a welcpme stirring of the political pot.

    Watching politics for some years, I seem tp see a trend, namely that the public’s fear of change and preference for the status quo causes the electorate to go on voting the same way (more or less) until some big issue arises and grabs its attention. In Britain, for example, a party once elected to government tends to go on governing for several periods until controversy builds up to the point where the public decides a change is necessary. (Think of Blair taking pover from the Tories and the Tories taking over from the discredited Brown Labour government.) A simiar mechanism may be at work with the presidential elections in the US but is less noticeable because of the two-term limit.

    When it comes to “idiots in power”, the US does not have the monopoly. Ministers and shadow Ministers of all parties here are known for the inappropriateness or downright stupidity of some of their remarks (John Prescott, anyone?), often needing post hoc “clarification”. Unfortunately, the qaulifications for entering politics do not include intelligence or an ability to think logically and coherently. It seems to be a case of who your sponsors are, not the sort of person you are.

  4. Anton UK said

    So what was it that makes you think Bush wasn’t a good President? Apart from statist-liberal-controlzealots screaming that he wasn’t.
    Remember Blair was with him all the way to Iraq.

  5. Big John said

    Hello Anton and thanks for your comment.
    I think that the word “Iraq” goes a long way towards answering your question, and please don’t get me started on “Yo! Blair” !

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