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Another medal … Pass the Kleenex !

Posted by Big John on August 6, 2012

In a recent post I said that I would “go bloody beserk” if I heard another person say .. “It’s a once in a lifetime experience” !

Now all we hear is … “I can’t believe it” .. coming from a bunch of top athletes who have spent most of their lives doing nothing but train to be where they are today. Well ‘I can’t believe’ that these so called ‘heroes’ can have expected anything other than to have an Olympic ‘gong’ hung around their necks. So why all those tears ? .. Blimey ! .. even the TV interviewers have been crying and going all ‘touchy-feely’ in what has been called ..  “a highly-charged emotional roller coaster”. In other words … a load of old bollocks about big brawny blokes ‘blubbing’. 

I have never been able to undertand why so many people get excited about one sweaty person running a bit faster than another sweaty person, but from what little I have seen of the spectators at this year’s ‘Games’ the fans are not just getting excited they are going into a state screaming, caterwauling hysteria every time a member of ‘Team GB’ (I wonder how much someone got paid for thinking up that ‘brand’?) does anything. The TV coverage doesn’t show much of how they react when some other nation’s athlete wins a medal. They probably all breakdown, burst into tears and have to be treated for shock.

I know that the British ‘stiff upper lip’ was replaced long ago by the quivering lower one, but the cheers and applause of the crowds and the simple handshakes of the ‘amateur’ competitors in the ‘old days’ seem far more in keeping with the ‘Olympic Spirit’ than all this weeping and ‘high five’ leaping of the ‘professionals’ to be seen on our screens today.

The founder of the modern Olympics, Baron de Coubertin said …  “The important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but taking part. Just as in life, the aim is not to conquer but to struggle well.” … He didn’t add 

… “and always keep your hanky handy”.


4 Responses to “Another medal … Pass the Kleenex !”

  1. Betty said

    The Americans have become the world champions at overreacting. Even on a daytime talk show such as “The View” the audience seems to be on the verge of hysteria, with their cheering. And on the reality shows that feature some contest or another, cooking, for instance, the winner often tearfully declares it a “life changing experience.” Oh, please.

  2. rummuser said

    It is all about jingoism John. In a world which has little to cheer about, such moments offer a release valve and second hand glory!

  3. Some views of participants in “beach volleyball” make me want to cry, perhaps as a result of one of the declines associated with becoming a fully mature adult.

  4. We were “sold” the Olympic Games from an early stage and many people therefore caught a bad case of Olympic Hysteria. This resembles “Celeb Hysteria” and “Diana Hysteria”: once you set the bandwaggon rolling, people can’t wait to jump on. It’s like religion, where people think that by subscribing to it they somehow claim some of the glory for themselves.

    The idea that the nation’s prestige is enhanced by hosting the Games or by the number of gold medals British athletes win is pure bosh but people keep on saying it and will go on saying it until a bigger news story comes along and claims their attention.

    Happily, we avoided the worst of the effects of this dreary nonsense by spending two weeks in Glasgow.

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