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Relay rage !

Posted by Big John on July 21, 2012

There is civil war in Syria, mass murder in the USA, the ‘Arab Spring’ is looking more like winter, Europe is going broke, our soldiers are still dying in Afghanistan and yet what do I see every time I turn on the TV news ? …

Some tracksuited twit carrying a flaming cheese-grater along yet another high street lined with rain soaked, flag waving wallies !

OK, I know that “twit” is a bit harsh, as there are some very worthy people taking part in the Olympic torch relay who in some way feel that they are being honoured by being invited to take part in this dreary commercial ‘spectacle’, but why an American rapper (complete with phone), a Chinese film star, a dodgy disc jocky and dozens of assorted ‘celebs’ were invited to participate is beyond me.

My local BBC TV news channel devotes nearly the whole of it’s thirty minute programme every day to the “latest” on the relay, with reporters interviewing mumbling morons in front of screaming crowds of kids. If I hear … “It’s a once in a lifetime experience” … one more time …

… I’ll go bloody berserk !


3 Responses to “Relay rage !”

  1. Maria said

    I so completely agree that all the attention to the relay is ridiculous now with all the real news that needs to be told. Here in the USA we are reeling from the terrible shooting in Colorado.

  2. Betty said

    Try to stay calm, John. in a few weeks, the BBC will be desperately searching for news to report, and all the visitors will be gone, leaving their trash all over the streets. Then, things will get back to normal.

  3. grannymar said

    And when it is all over…. good old Auntie Beeb will present you with repeats of repeats of repeats, after all that is as far as the coffers will stretch!

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