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The “custard comet” has landed !

Posted by Big John on May 19, 2012

I know that I keep ranting on about the bloody Olympics, but it’s hard not to when you see just how ridiculous the whole event is becoming.

The latest in this obscene Olympic circus involved Seb Coe, Mayor ‘BoJo’, ‘ex-pat’ Beckham and ‘er Maj’s dreary daughter in another dubious ancient Greek ceremony, where Seb told the world that the arrival of the flame on British shores will be a “resounding clarion call” to the world’s top athletes and that “millions (millions ? .. who writes this crap ?) of Britons have been working hard to create a great welcome”. Of course he didn’t mention all the other “millions” who don’t give a shit, or all those who are taking part in the great Olympic ‘rip-off’ and making an extra few ‘bob’ whenever they can. Blimey ! One of the torches has already appeared on ebay !

Somehow the flame stayed alight this time despite the heavy rain and was transferred from it’s ‘cheese grater’ to a miner’s lamp in which it has been flown (A flame on a plane ! … Is that allowed ?) to Britain on board a yellow golden ‘Firefly’ aircraft, and it’s now being carried in a relay by an odd assortment of ‘athletes’ most of whom look ‘knackered’ after the first hundred yards. The pace is so slow that faster moving spectators are being pushed into the roadside hedges by the escorting ‘plods’.

I wonder when …

Sacha Baron Cohen will appear ?


4 Responses to “The “custard comet” has landed !”

  1. grannymar said

    I hope that lamp was in the regulation sized plastic bag and weighed no more than 100mls. 😈

  2. mariafromsilverfox said

    I can’t stop laughing and I am so glad we had our turn at the event a while back. Hang in there, John. I feel it is only going to get worse.

  3. Should we try to send Mitt Romney over to save you?

  4. Big John said

    Gee ! … Thanks for the offer Dick. According to some press reports he could be on his way. 😦

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