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A creepy compulsion.

Posted by Big John on May 16, 2012

Can you believe that some genius ‘geek’ has invented a ‘sat nav’ device to guide us around the local shopping mall ?

What next ? … Will they be fitting the bloody things to baby buggies and mobility scooters ?

As one who has never used a ‘sat nav’, does not own a ‘BlackBerry’, has never ‘tweeted’ and does not know his ‘apps’ from his elbow, I have to wonder where all this ‘smartphone’ technology will end and do we really need it ?

Well if my observations are correct, many people can’t live without it. In fact there are some of us who are completely obsessed with it, for it seems that everywhere you look fingers are jabbing at, or flicking across small screens searching for Gawd knows what. Take a look at the crowd at a concert, a play, a movie, even a funeral and you are likely see several ‘addicts’ sneaking prolonged peeks at their smartphones. It seems that these sad specimens just can’t help themselves.

Perhaps someone can please tell me, can these poor sods find help at  … 

…  ‘Apps Addicts Anonymous’  ?


5 Responses to “A creepy compulsion.”

  1. grannymar said

    Appitis seems to be a contagious disease with little hope of cure.

  2. Betty said

    I was in the waiting room at the doctor’s office today and a woman came in with her cell phone at her ear. She talked while she signed in and sat down – when I left, she was still talking. It’s a sickness.

  3. It all makes me feel inadequate. I can’t think of that many people I want to talk to or that many things to talk about. That has kept me from any interest in apps or places to apply them.

  4. mariafromsilverfox said

    I long for the old days when someone on a street corner was talking to themselves only and one kind of skirted around the obviously mentally challenged person. Today, I find cell phone conversations every where and I have even answered when I think someone is talking to me which causes the cell phone person to skirt around me much in the way I used to avoid the criazies.. LOL

  5. rummuser said

    Great idea that. Must tell some of my more sophisticated friends to join up or start one if does not already exist.

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