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A bomb in a bun ?

Posted by Big John on May 7, 2012

Just when you think you have heard the last about security for the Olympics, along come more examples of just how crazy the whole thing is becoming …

Fancy taking your own food and drink to the Olympic Park ? .. Well think again ! .. because spectators will be banned, by airport-style security, from taking bottles of water into the area in case they are used to conceal .. Yes ! .. you guessed it ..”liquid-bombs”. Oh! .. and picnics and “excessive” amounts of food will also be banned from sports venues. I suppose that’s because of all those ‘burger-bombs’ and ‘Semtex’ sandwiches !

Of course all those “official vendors” inside the venues will be able to rip you off supply you with all the junk food you can eat and all the fizzy fluids you need at grossly inflated prices.

Oh, Guess what ? … I just read that someone has smuggled a dummy ‘bomb’ into the Olympic Park ! .. Well that just had to happen. I bet it would have been spotted if it had been disguised as a muffin or an egg mayonnaise sandwich.

Still it’s nice to know that thousands of police officers from all over the country will be on duty in London during the ‘Games’ and seventy (Yes, seventy) specially trained ones will be guarding the torch, and that these ‘poor darlings’ brave volunteers will be offered counselling (I’m not making this up) at the end of the torch’s journey to help them ‘re-integrate’ into their normal roles.

I just hope that they don’t run into a bearded little man pushing a cart full of …

… halal hot-dogs ! 


5 Responses to “A bomb in a bun ?”

  1. grannymar said

    I am so glad I live on a different island!

  2. mariafromsilverfox said

    Ridiculous and I think you have a point about vendors and profit from scalping the public. I have this feeling that you will not be going to any Olympic events.. LOL

  3. rummuser said

    This bearded not so little man thinks that there is an opportunity for some major criminal activities in the other parts of the country from where the policemen are being withdrawn. Want to bet that, that thought is occupying a lot of unsavoury minds?

  4. When we must resort to silly stuff it gives me an uneasy feeling that the terrorists have won.

  5. Ginnie said

    I agree with Gabbygeezer … I feel like the terrorists are winning by keeping me in a state of unrest to the point that I don’t want to go to any of those big events, much less eat any of the fare;.

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