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So why not hide the ‘fries’ ?

Posted by Big John on April 9, 2012

I have not smoked for many years, and I must say that I welcomed the banning of smoking in public places, but the ‘nanny-state’s’ latest idea to deter people from having a quiet drag, is even dafter than ‘dick-head’ Dave’s plans to reduce my consumption of gin and tonics by putting up the price of booze.

Do the political plonkers who think up such stupid schemes really believe that hiding packets of fags (for my American friends that’s cigarettes) in a cupboard is going to reduce the number of people buying them ? If standing in the rain outside pubs and office buildings doesn’t put them off, then nothing will.

OK ! … so tobacco products are bad for you, but so are the “finger licking” grease with lumps in and layers of  “I’m luvin it” processed fat stuffed in a bun which is openly sold on most high streets, in many shopping malls and at every motorway stop.

These ‘junk-food’ outlets are a far bigger threat to the health of our young people than the corner shop or supermarket with it’s display of ‘Benson & Hedges’, ‘Marlboro’ and all the other brands of ‘coffin nails’.

I wonder it one day we will see the ‘Golden Arches’ and the ‘Colonel’ hidden behind high fences, ‘drive-thrus’ dug up, health warnings on every ‘Happy Meal’ and the burgers and shakes behind shutters ?

…  One can only live in hope ! 


2 Responses to “So why not hide the ‘fries’ ?”

  1. rummuser said

    I hope that your hopes translate to realities.

  2. Perhaps we should urge the politicos to institute “fat taxes” rather than continuing to push for flat taxes. We could have weighing stations in appropriate places as we do for trucks on U.S. interstate highways. That would send even me to the treadmill.

    Good to see you back at the blog.

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