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Here we go again. – Part Five.

Posted by Big John on March 7, 2012

I’ve just been watching the TV news, where I learned that six more British soldiers have been killed in the war in Afghanistan. The reporter said that all ‘ISAF’ forces should be out of that country by the end of 2014, and that the Taliban would be welcomed back by most of the population in many areas. In other words this terrible loss of life will continue for another couple of years, and all for nothing !

As if this was not bad enough, I picked up a newspaper only to read that ‘Dick-head’ Dave has suggested that Iran’s President Ahmadinejad’s drive to develop a nuclear bomb was potentially a direct threat to the United Kingdom.

Does anyone remember when another prat of a prime minister went along with an even bigger prat of a president when he also felt threatened by another nutter and his “Weapons of Mass Destruction” ?

Now I read that in the good old ‘US of A’ people are asking the question .. “Who would be more likely to nuke ‘Eye-Ran’ .. Romney or Santorum ?”, and although Obama is hoping that Israel delays any action until after the November election, the opinion from US political adviser Robert Kagan is .. “If Obama were to use force against Iran, then the election is over .. He would win overwhelmingly.“… Now that’s what I call …

… bloody scary !


5 Responses to “Here we go again. – Part Five.”

  1. Luckily for the world, Robert Kagan’s opinions have no influence on U.S. policy. Kagan is a neoconservative. About all President Obama might do in reaction to Kagan would be to follow the opposite policy.

    There is some faint saber-rattling and tough talk from the usual right-wing and militarist culprits. However, Obama has so far staunchly refused to get trapped into any unilateral action in Syria or Iran. The smart money says his current thrust is trying to jawbone Israel out of taking rash action against Iran. Nobody I know, however, in the U.S. thinks Israel pays much attention to anything the U.S. government tries to tell it. Most think a nuke in the hands of Iran would be the end of Israel, so the Israeli’s probably will launch an attack whenever production of an Iranian nuclear weapon seems imminent.

    I’m thinking that if Obama used unilateral U.S. military force in either Syria or Iran, he would lose the November election by a landslide. After the Iraq and Afghanistan debacles, there’s not a whole lot of sentiment in the U.S. for any more attack dog stuff right now. Many think the belligerent Bush approaches to world affairs are a thing of the past. Let us hope they are correct.

    I fully agree that Kagan’s assessment of the situation is “bloody scary.” I just think he’s absolutely wrong.

  2. Betty said

    Considering how long it takes President Obama to make a decision, the election will be over a long time before he makes up his mind. If he’s still president, that is.

  3. The previous guy shot from the hip all the time, Betty. It’s wonderful to have someone in charge who takes time to analyze complex situations before acting.

  4. Rummuser said

    I don’t think anyone, even in the USA takes Robert Kagan’s opinions seriously!

    One song that keeps returning to my head frequently now a days is

  5. Ginnie said

    It’s not just scarey John, it’s horrendously scarey. Almost as scarey as those idiot Republicans and their overwhelming desire to oust Obama. I hate that the world sees us like this … albeit we brought it on ourselves.

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