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Numbers count !

Posted by Big John on March 4, 2012

When I was at school during the ‘Dark Ages’ I recited my “times tables” in class and learned to add, subtract, multiply and divide, which was known as “doing sums”, and this process helped me to get by after leaving school when it came to working out such important things as … Did I have enough cash to buy a round of drinks in the ‘local’ ? .. or .. Was I able to order fish with my chips ? .. or ..  Could I afford the expensive tickets for the back row of the cinema for me and some lucky young lady ? .. or even more important .. Would I have enough money left for bus fare or would I have to walk home ?

Quite how I was to benefit from my struggles with algebra and geometry was another matter, and to this day I haven’t a clue what equations and logarithms were all about; but basic maths (Yes America, we do add an ‘s’) was essential, and as far as I recall, in those days, before pocket calculators, everyone seemed to be able to calculate using pounds and ounces, feet and inches and even good old £.s.d. 

Now I learn that research reveals that a rising proportion of adults are unable to perform even the most basic calculations needed to get by in life. Yes, around 17 million people can’t “do sums”.

I wonder how many of them …

… are teachers ?


2 Responses to “Numbers count !”

  1. Rummuser said

    We were taught to multiply and divide using fractions too! Today, I find that even the Bania class famous for their arithmetic and book keeping skills depend on calculators while, I overtake them by doing the same work mentally. Yes, it is a sad commentary on our education system.

  2. Grannymar said

    They don’t do maths any more they call it numeracy. All the rest seems to come under the umbrella of literacy!

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