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“Whisky Mist” Warriors.

Posted by Big John on February 27, 2012

Admiral Sir John Woodward, who commanded the task force during the Falklands War, recently criticised the deployment of Prince Willy to the Islands as “pointless” and said that he would be a “bloody nuisance” to military personnel working there.

To have a Royal anywhere near the front line is a bloody nuisance for the rest of the front line,” he said. “You have to take extra precautions that he doesn’t get shot down, that his plane doesn’t fail. You maintain it three times as carefully. If you have a Royal on board your ship it is the end of your career if he gets so much as a scratch. It’s never said, but it goes without saying“. I bet it does !

Now, it would seem, that the old admiral was dead right as we learn that this ‘royal’ helicopter co-pilot is being protected by a “ring of steel” consisting of special forces personnel from the SAS and SBS, so I have to wonder  … What bloody idiot sent him there in the first place ? … Probably the same bloody idiot who sent his half brother to the USA to piss about training as a “Top Gun” on an Apache helicopter !

I suppose that these are just the ‘Buck House’ PR toadies’ latest stunts to make these two ‘Hoorah Henrys’ look like ‘Hooray Heroes’. I bet that their grandma has already ordered a flunky …

… to polish the medals.


2 Responses to ““Whisky Mist” Warriors.”

  1. It’s good when these people – who actually know the conditions under which the Royals and their keepers will have to operate – speak out and don’t mince their words.

    Today there is a lot less unthinking respect for the monarchy as an institution, and for its fallible human incumbents, than there used to be, but there is still a tendency for those closest to them and their activities to follow the PR line. Every time one of these breaks ranks and tells the truth is a small victory.

    Unfortunately, we still have a long way to go before the whole unwieldy heap finally collapses under its own useless weight and can be done away with.

  2. Rummuser said

    Our Royals now stand for elections and win some and lose some like any other politico, or better, become film stars! They have to hire their own security apparatus though, unless they become ministers in either the state or at the center. Perhaps you should start a movement to get your Royals to stand for elections too!

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