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Now the school run is a ‘human right’ !

Posted by Big John on February 7, 2012

If ever you wanted an example of ‘bonkers’ Britain, here it is !

Yes, a man who would happily blow us all to bits, is being allowed to walk our streets by some idiot of a British judge, who is the president of the UK’s Special Immigration Appeals Commission and has ruled that the Islamist cleric should be freed within days, on strict bail conditions, because his deportation to Jordan had been blocked by the European Court of Human Rights.

Just what do you have to do to get deported from this country ? .. OK .. I know that many of our unwanted ‘guests’ do a runner before they can be sent back to their homelands, and that foreign offenders are winning more than 60% of ‘human rights’ appeals to stay under “the right to a family life”. Blimey ! .. Recently, it was claimed, that one bloke was allowed to stay here because he had a cat, but should we really allow Al-Qaeda’s number one fanatic in Europe out of prison because he needs to walk his daughter to school ?

Walk ! .. Did I say walk ? .. Abu Qatada, who’s wife and family live for free in a large house in London, has already cost taxpayers bloody ‘millions’ in benefits and legal fees, so I’m sure he will be entitled to claim …

… for taxi fare !


2 Responses to “Now the school run is a ‘human right’ !”

  1. I think that a majority of British citizens (including MPs) would agree that this man is a threat and a menace and ought not to be allowed his freedom. However, the law is the law and the law apparently provides for him to be freed in the particular circumstances in which he finds himself. This is a dilemma but it is not an example of stupidity or bungling authority. It is simply a case where the law, designed to protect the honest and the innocent, happens to work in favour of the guilty. It is not a unique case, though a serious one. Let’s hope that, despite the European ruling, it will soon be possible to extradite this man – legally and with due process.

    We understand full well the irony of people using the law to undermine the law. However, if we were to give in and act unlawfully, then we would be doing their work for them and they would be quick to take advantage.

    I’m pretty sure that every step this man takes in the public space will be followed and supervised by the police and that at the least sign of illegal behaviour he will be put back in jail.

  2. Rummuser said

    The law is an ass. We have two specimens in Indian jails, one who has been condemned to death and the other provided with legal assistance so that he can have biriyani everyday in jail and go up to our supreme court.

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