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Undeserved accolades.

Posted by Big John on February 3, 2012

So poor old “Fred the Shred” has lost his knighthood and has now gone back to being just plain ‘Mister’ Goodwin. Mind you, if I was getting £342,500 per year pension and had a few million tucked away, it wouldn’t bother me what I was called. Mister would be fine, and I’d happily answer to “Oi ! .. You !”.

Some say that stripping  the former chief executive of the Royal Bank of Scotland, of his knighthood is a nasty and vindictive political gesture, and that the whiff of hypocrisy hangs heavy in the air, and I must say that it’s strange that, although he commited no crime, he has been ‘punished’ in this way, when so many of his City fat cat mates seem to have avoided any penalty (apart from the odd loss of a bonus) for their part in the worst economic catastrophe since the 1930s.

I’m not too worried if this chancer is being made a scapegoat for the failings of the many. In fact, I couldn’t give a shit if ‘er Maj had him banged up in The Tower for ‘bunging’ Tony Blair to recommend him for a ‘K’ in the first place.

Only a handful of people have ever been stripped of their knighthoods, which makes me think that it’s time for a ‘clean out’ of all those undeserving ‘plebs’ who have been awarded this ridiculous ‘honour’ in recent years.

The world of so called entertainment would be a good place to start. So let’s scrap all those ‘gongs’ awarded to ‘rug’ wearing old pop singers, ancient ‘hoofers’ and wrinkled ‘luvvies’ of stage and screen who live abroad to avoid paying their taxes, or pompously insist on being addressed as “Sir” whenever they appear on TV chat shows: and while we are at it, let’s remove the insignia from those gum chewing morons who fall into the category of “sporting heroes”.

When a movie poster contained the billing .. “Sir Ben Kingsley”, fellow film actor (Sir) Roger Moore said .. “It’s a load of pretentious bollocks.” …

…  I couldn’t have put it better myself.


3 Responses to “Undeserved accolades.”

  1. The question that comes to my is not whether it was right to remove Goodwin’s knighthood but why he got one in the first place. Why should certain individuals be rewarded for doing their jobs when millions of us aren’t and when these individuals are already paid far and away more than the rest of us?

    I think the whole honours system long ago fell into disrepute with knighthoods and other titles being handed out to time-servers in industry and entertainment who have not done anything significant in the service of their country. The sad thing about that is that people who really deserve to be honoured have to put up with receiving a devalued title.

    For these reasons, I admire those people who, when offered an honour, turn it down. That gestured honours them far more than does a crummy knighthood.

  2. Rummuser said

    No, you could not have.

  3. Ginnie said

    I agree with Roger Moore. Knighthood in this day and age seems ridiculous.

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