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More “Bread and Circuses”.

Posted by Big John on January 18, 2012

I see that we are well on the way to having 3 million unemployed people in this country, as I read every day about major businesses closing down or laying off staff in large numbers.

I won’t go into great detail, as you only have to read the papers or watch the TV news to see that cuts are being made everywhere to save money. The elderly and those in need of care are being badly hit, our armed forces are being cut to the bone and the National Health Service is struggling to care for the sick.

So, am I depressed ? … Of course not ! … Why ? … Because this year we will all be able to forget our hardships, enjoy the spectacle of the Olympic Games and say … “Sod the expense !” … for it’s only costing £9.3 billion (and the rest !), which makes the millions being spent on ‘er Maj’s Diamond Jubilee look like a mere ‘drop in the ocean’. Just what the country needs, another excuse for a day or two off work. Of course, that’s assuming …

…  you still have a job !


3 Responses to “More “Bread and Circuses”.”

  1. Rummuser said

    And you are forgetting the yacht for the royals!

  2. Grannymar said

    you forgot the freebie holidays to exotic places for Lizzie’s poor relations! They are so poor, they will delve into the dressing up box again! Would you be able to give then a lend of a loan of some medals?

  3. Big John said

    I left out the yacht, Ramana, as we are being sold a story that it will not cost the tax payers a penny, and “if you believe that etc.”

    They don’t need my medals, Grannymar, as Charlie and co. only have to ask his mum for new ones.

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