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Cheers ! … to a Happy New Year.

Posted by Big John on December 31, 2011

Well, bugger me ! … Here’s just the news I need on New Year’s Eve … Our Dave is after my gin and tonic !

Yes, the good old nanny state is at it again with the not so bright idea that putting up the price of booze will reduce consumption.

Well, will it ? … Of course not,  … Blimey ! .. Just take a look at the drug problem in this country, even a ban did nothing to stop those with a habit from obtaining whatever they fancied. In fact it merely increased the incidences of drug related crime: and judging by the size of the cigarette displays in local shops and those people puffing away outside every pub, the extremely high rate of duty on tobacco products seems to have little effect. If this minimum price idea is related to the health of the nation, it would make more sense to put a bloody great tax on junk food.

First hand experience tells me that a dependance on alcohol causes many problems and can lead to violence and abuse within the family, and that it also results in a burden for the tax payer and the hospital system, but penalising those who, like many old farts, enjoy sharing a bottle of wine or a warming ‘nightcap’ won’t solve those problems, but of course it will shovel loads of extra cash down the government’s ‘black hole’.

So what about all those ‘binge drinkers’ who so blight our town centres on a Friday and Saturday night ?

Well, how about the police enforcing the ‘drunk and disorderly’ laws which we already have in place, and sticking the pissed and puking punks (and punkesses) in an old fashioned ‘drunk tank’ for the night, before giving them a seriously hefty fine in the morning ? … Oh! .. and putting the shutters up on those all night ‘drinking factories’ would be a good idea. You know … the ones that sprang up after gormless Tony Blair thought that our yobs would become part of a continental style “café culture” if he let them drink all night.

I believe that there are six bars within the Houses of Parliament where the honourable members and their cronies can enjoy a tipple at bargain prices. So do us all a favour Dave, and …

… start with that lot !


4 Responses to “Cheers ! … to a Happy New Year.”

  1. They just love to raise “sin taxes” in the U.S. too. Those governing nannies better watch out. If they succeed in sobering up the populace, we’ll realize just how wonderful they are and turn ’em all out.

  2. Grannymar said

    A dry HoP might concentrate the minds of the politicians as well as leading by example. Too much to ask!

  3. Rummuser said

    Thanks to high taxation, alcohol in India keeps getting more and more expensive and this encourages illegal distillers whose brews often kill. Here is one such instance and another rather comic one

  4. Gives one much to think about. Alcoholism is a serious problem and a heartbreaker for many a family. I agree that raising the price will only make the problem worse and cause many a family to go hungry as the booze becomes more important than food.

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