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Another “quick fix” fiasco ?

Posted by Big John on December 16, 2011

I see that our Dave is at it again with another think of a gimmick and throw money at it proposal.

This time it’s all about transforming the lives of 120,000 “troubled families” lazy, feckless, anti-social, moronic arseholes who already cost the hard working tax payers of this country £9 billion a year by getting stoned, pissed and breeding like bleedn’ rabbits !

So, what’s our Prime Minister going to do ? He’s going to spend £448 million so that each family gets their own social worker, and a network of out-reach co-ordin…  “trouble shooters” to co-ordinate action to help these “chaotic families”.

Chaotic families ! .. That’s putting it mildly, as I’m sure their inexperienced dedicated social workers will soon find out when they try to enquire as to which kids belong to which mother and how many ‘dads’ are involved.
OK, so this is a serious problem, and I feel very sorry for those children who have never heard a kind word, or have never experienced the joy of a proper family environment, but sending some ‘wet behind the ears’ social “family” worker round to tell some tattooed tart that her brood needs feeding and that it’s time to send them to school won’t help, because most of these so called parents have only got half a brain between them and can’t think further than their next joint or can of Special Brew.

Now if the ‘trouble shooters’ were to be given draconian powers to enable them to deal with these benefit dependant layabouts, then it might have some effect, but the proposed scheme is voluntary. So if a family refuses to co-operate, local councils will have the use their limited powers to evict tenants, take children into care or issue useless anti-social behaviour orders, and there is not much chance of that happening on a regular basis.

So knowing that they cannot be forced to take part in this ridiculous scheme; how many dysfunctional families will agree to change their way of life ?

Surely he must know the answer to this question, or …

… is Dave really that dumb ? 


2 Responses to “Another “quick fix” fiasco ?”

  1. Grannymar said

    Would his recent predecessors do any better? Which if any of them worked their way up through the ranks of the workplace, instead of glugging highly subsidised booze at university.

  2. Ginnie said

    It’s always the children that suffer … and then they grow to be “tattooed tarts” because they’ve never known another way and the cycle continues. I don’t profess to having any answers and wonder if anyone does ???

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