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Is “Euroland” a theme park ?

Posted by Big John on December 12, 2011

I don’t pretend to understand everything about David Cameron’s decision to veto changes to the European Union treaty or how it .. “helped protect Britain’s economic interests”.. but I’m sure that  it will bring a few unforeseen ramifications.

However, I do know that this is the third time our sausage eating cousins have seen their chance to become the ‘masters’ of Europe. The first time it was Kaiser Bill; and then Adolf had a go with a little help from his French mate Pierre Laval and his …”cheese eating surrender monkies”…  just as Führer Frau Merkel is being supported by that little Gallic git Sarkozy.

So now our Dave is being represented, by certain sections of the press, as the ‘knight in shining armour’ who has saved us from being swallowed by the European monster, and now has the support of the majority of the British people. How the bloody hell do they know that ?

Oh! I know … It’s those mysterious polls which tell us that 65% of the population support our leaving the European Union ! … Bollocks ! … More than 65% of the nation don’t even know what the EU is, and think that a ‘Eurosceptic’ is someone who caught a nasty disease when on holiday in Benidorm.

It also appears that another 65% would now vote for Dave, but that’s only because they think he is a member of a ‘boy band’ on the ‘X Factor’ ! … and believe that the ‘Euro Zone’ is the ultimate destination in an ‘Xbox’ game.

Now I’m expected to believe that the vaste majority of the Great British public want to vote in a referendum. So how come when it comes time to visit my local polling station, it’s only me, …

… some neighbourhood nutter and a stray dog who turn up ?


2 Responses to “Is “Euroland” a theme park ?”

  1. Rummuser said

    Big John, I wish that I could be as eloquent about our own neighbours, polls and politicos as you. Our two nations have a lot in common, despite many polls telling us to the contrary!

  2. Ginnie said

    I’ve learned to take any poll with a grain of salt … but playing games with such important decisions is criminal. It happens here all the time.

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