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Don’t panic ! The cavalry is coming.

Posted by Big John on November 16, 2011

I can promise you that when ‘The Games’ start next year this will be an ‘Olympics Free’ blog, but until then I will be commenting on any aspect of this unwanted event that gets my attention.

Just as we are coming to realise that our Border Control Agency has been letting into our country just about anyone who waves a passport under their noses, someone has started to get in a panic about the terrorist threat to the Olympics, which prompted our Defence Secretary to state in the House of Commons that … “there will be a full level of multilayered defence and deterrence for the London Games, including ground-to-air based missiles in London”. Umm ! .. Does he mean to tell us that London is not protected from suicide pilots at the moment ? As usual I get the impression that no one in the government has got a bloody clue about what is going on !

Still, never mind, for the Yanks are coming. Yes … the FBI is on the way, and it is reported that 1,000 armed US Federal agents are being sent here to ensure that nothing happens to their fellow countrymen and women when they arrive in “Little Old England”. From what I recall, in recent years, they have not been all that good at protecting their fellow citizens back in “the good old US of A”. I dread to think how they will react if they find themselves passing through ‘Londonistan‘ on their way to the stadium.

Now I’m always happy to welcome our American cousins to these shores, and never forget that if it wasn’t for them I’d probably be speaking German now, but I’m afraid that if Al-Qaeda or some other group of murderous loonies (including our home-grown variety) is intent on causing mayhem, a bunch of gun-toting ‘G’ men will be as much use as …

…   George Armstong Custer was at the Little Bighorn .


3 Responses to “Don’t panic ! The cavalry is coming.”

  1. Grannymar said

    So, Will you be carrying the torch!

  2. Big John said

    Grannymar … If Seb Coe was around I know what I would do with that torch. 😉

  3. Take heart, John, the leaders of the great American military machine have decided to beef things up in Australia. That may soak up enough of the anti-terror budget to force a reduction in the London Olympics peace-keeping force.

    A few years back when we lived in Utah and the U.S. hosted the Winter Olympics there, my wife and I took a cruise to Mexico during the primary event days. One of the best decisions we ever made.

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