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“Be careful what you wish for” !

Posted by Big John on October 25, 2011

Shock ! .. Horror ! .. Libyan rebels slaughter Gaddafi supporters in his old stronghold of Sirte. Now there’s a surprise ! .. and you can be certain that they won’t be the last bodies to be discovered. What do people expect to happen after a bloody revolution, that the trigger happy participants will all “kiss and make up” ?

Remember “Eye-Rack” ? … Well I hope that I’m wrong, but this could turn into a repeat performance once all the tribes and political factions start ‘squaring up’ to each other: not to mention when the religious loonies and their imported terrorist mates start demanding Sharia Law etc..

Whilst I wish the people of Libya a happy and democratic future, I can’t forget that everybody and his uncle has a gun, and you can bet that many won’t just be firing them into the air and shouting .. “Allahu Akba !”  

Never fear for there is always a ‘lighter’ side to such happenings, for I suppose that now we have all seen the body of Gaddafi on TV and his ghoulish countrymen filing passed his bloody corpse and taking photographs on their mobile phones, it won’t be long before his golden gun turns up on ebay, where you can already buy, amongst other items a  Hallowen mask of the late colonel and an “I Shot Gaddafi” T shirt …

… Sick old world ain’t it ?


3 Responses to ““Be careful what you wish for” !”

  1. Ginnie said

    “Sick” is a pretty tame word for what our world is turning into … it never fails to amaze me.

  2. My point of dissent is that, give or take a few technological flourishes, what you would call the symptoms of the world’s “sickness” are not at all new. Violence, oppression and general nastiness have always been with us. The only reason why you and I lift our hands in horror is that we are privileged to live in a relatively stable society which has not known general violence (not near home, at least) since the Second World War. Folk in other parts of the world are not so lucky and regard outrageous violence as an everyday experience. Let us not forget, either, that the British have been major instigators of violence in other parts of the world, often for unjust causes.

    It has often been pointed out that dictators, by closing off all other channels of dissent, leave violent overthrow as the only means of regime change. This is as true of Gaddafi as of others of his type who have provoked armed conflict after causing their people unbearable suffering. There isn’t such a thing as a nice war. All wars are extremely nasty. They reverse the normal canons of behaviour making the execrable seem heroic and the humane seem weakness. The only just war is the one that is avoided by negotiation.

    As you imply, one of the dangers of a long dictatorship suddenly overthrown is that it leaves the country weakened and vulnerable. The body politic loses its resistance to political disease and may fall victim to a pathological regime that is as bad as – or worse than – the one that has been thrown off. All the more reason not to let dictators and oppressors become established in the first place – but then, we are always wise in hindsight.

  3. Rummuser said

    Big John, I have just one problem with the whole affair. Whatever happened to Gadaffi’s much talked about body guards? Sad I am unable to upload a picture here but shall send you one by mail to illustrate my restless mind.

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