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Just … “Think thin” !

Posted by Big John on October 14, 2011

Here we go again ! … I’ve just been watching one of the chief nannies of the ‘nanny state’ being interviewed on the TV news and, once again, ‘stating the bleed’n obvious’ … “Eat less and exercise more if you want to lose weight”.

It’s reported that the U.K. has one of Europe’s fattest populations with more than 60% of adults and about a third of children aged between ten and eleven being overweight or obese: and is it any wonder when it is almost impossible to walk a few hundred yards in this country without passing a fast food outlet of one kind or another ? In fact, if I walk for less than ten minutes in one direction from my home I pass … a Chinese take-away … a fish and chip shop … a McDonald’s … a KFC ..  a ‘greasy spoon’ café .. and .. a Hungry Horse pub advertising “Big Plate Specials” and “Kids eat for free !”: and I live in what would be classed as ‘a village’. Oh ! .. and before I forget I can pick up the telephone and have a curry, a kebab or a pizza delivered to my door within a few minutes on any night of the week.

Our Dave and his (fat-)mates have rejected the idea of a ‘fat tax’ (Blimey ! That’s a surprise) similar to one recently introduced in Denmark, where a surcharge is being placed on foods that contain more than 2.3 % saturated fat. As if that would have stopped all those tubby people sitting in their cars at the ‘drive-thru’ from ordering their daily junk food feast.

Now we are being told that “individuals need to be more honest about what they are eating”. In other words, don’t kid yourself when you are ordering that ‘Giganto Gut-buster Burger’, super-size fries and jumbo onion rings by adding …

… “and a Diet Coke, please” ! 


3 Responses to “Just … “Think thin” !”

  1. Ouch. You’ve caught me. I always have a “light” beer with my super burger and fries. What the h. . ., it works just as well as a Diet Coke.

  2. Betty said

    I am reminded of the woman who regularly ordered a chocolate sundae for dessert, but asked that the cherry be left off the top, because she was on a diet. Why no, that woman wasn’t me. Why do you ask?

  3. Grannymar said

    I think I am an odd bod. I came from a family of stick insects and we all had hollow legs. Fast food did feature in our diet – bananas, apples and oranges, all wrappings were biodegradable. My only problem with being this is a lack of insulation to keep out the cold.

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