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Does God do “politics” ?

Posted by Big John on September 1, 2011

Like most British people I know little about American politics and politicians, but I do start taking an interest when the presidential candidates start lining up for the big event, and at the moment one seems to be standing out from the crowd.

Yes, It’s the Republican Party’s .. Michele Bachmann .. who, just like George Bush, seems to have a direct line to ‘The Almighty’, for she recently told voters that Hurricane Irene and the earthquake that preceded it along the East Coast of the USA were messages from God to warn politicians to start heeding His divine judgement.

Now I’m sure that my American friends will correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that her “Tea Party”, and I presume God, wants to restrict government spending, stop aid to the poor, cut taxes for the rich, and turn ‘gay’ men into ‘straight’ guys. Umm ! God’s son may have a thing or two to say about some of that.

Old ‘Dubya’ invaded Afghanistan and “Eye-Rack” and said .. “I am driven with a mission from God“, and Sarah Palin (where does America find these women ?) said that US soldiers were being sent to Iraq .. “on a task that is from God“.

Recently in Texas, the Governer, Rick Perry even convened a gathering of 30,000 evangelicals where the gullable voters who attended (some sat in seats that had been “blessed”) prayed for political leaders and the US economy. I’m not sure if they asked The Lord to help old Ricky Boy make it to the White House.

What is it with US politicians and God ? .. for unlike our unholy bunch of crooks (who famously “don’t do God”), they seem to invoke His name ‘at the drop of a hat’.

Well I guess that, unlike in this country, there are a lot of votes to be had from all those “old time religion” fundamentalists, bible bashing evangelicals and just plain old born-again nutters, who seem to inhabit every corner of the United States.

I’m a great fan of the American people, but I do wish that they would stop mixing religion and politics, for when they do it doesn’t always turn out for the best.

Question … Who was the first US President to say to the American people … “God bless America” ? 

Answer … Richard Nixon !

…. Need I say more ?


4 Responses to “Does God do “politics” ?”

  1. gabbygeezer said

    Actually, a whole lot of American people don’t know much about American politics or politicians, either. That’s part of the problem.

    I wouldn’t vote for Bachmann or Perry if she/he was running against Genghis Khan. They are playing to the lowest scum among us. Somehow the Tea Party crowd overlooks or completely misunderstands the whole separation of church and state thing, which is one of the good things about this nation.

  2. Ginnie said

    All three of the politicians that you mention, John, make me cringe. And the real pity is that there are so many who actually back them up. I have an Obama sticker on my car and yesterday I parked at a grocery store and a real redneck guy around 30 said “is that your car?” and when I said “Yes” he rolled his eyes and wiggled his fingers in my face and proceeded to make scarey ghost sounds. It would be funny if it weren’t so serious. We Democrats really goofed up by not coming out in droves for the mid term elections. The Tea Party took advantage of that and got just enough of their own in that it has, literally, brought our government to a standstill with their opposition in the House.

  3. Rummuser said

    Politicians here are no less phony Big John. They are secular one moment, religious the next, fundamental otherwise and usually totally inconsistent. I call them our court jesters, the whole jing bang lot of them.

  4. Red Baron said

    Ah Nixon, happy days, when there was no pretension of the Whitehouse being occupied by anything other than a crook!

    Let’s not forget though that our Tone was very much into the whole God told me to do it sort of thing, he was just a little more apologetic about it because we don’t really take to religious fundamentalism quite the ways the ‘septics do.

    The middle East though is rather used to pasty faced people freebooting into their country claiming to be on a mission from God. The only ones for whom that phrase really applied was the Blues Brothers and they just killed some Nazis, nuff said!

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