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Here we go again – Part 4

Posted by Big John on August 23, 2011

Judging by the chaos in Tripoli as the Libyan rebels claim to have “captured” the city and Gaddafi’s sons . I dread to think what will come next, that is of course, if the loony colonel’s loyal troops don’t kick them out of town any time soon.

I’m afraid that it’s going to be ‘Eye-Rack’ déjà vu time, as no one seems to have any sort of postwar reconstruction plan, and I expect that the rival tribes, the religious nutters and the various political factions can’t wait to start grabbing what they can for themselves, whilst bumping each other off in the process.

Still, never fear, for good old Dave has volunteered British troops as peacekeepers. Has he counted them lately ? Do we have enough ? and, will he have any idea what to do with them when they get there ?

Of course he will ! … He’ll have them guarding  …

… the oil fields !


3 Responses to “Here we go again – Part 4”

  1. Ginnie said

    Why do we (the so-called “good” side) always have to get involved???? Oh, yeah…you pegged it …the oil fields.

  2. gabbygeezer said

    We (the rest of NATO) should butt out and let the French handle the balance of this affair. They could use a good confidence-building leadership role where surrender is only a very remote possibility.

  3. Rummuser said

    Big John, it may not be such a bad idea to let all these guys go back to Tribal ways. Except that the oilies and the arms industry will be all at sand!

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