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A right royal riot.

Posted by Big John on August 19, 2011

Edward VIII did it by visiting the economically impoverished coal mining villages in South Wales and calling for  “something to be done” for the unemployed and deprived coal miners. He then went back to bonking Mrs. Simpson and living it up on the Riviera.

The late Queen Mum did it when during the London ‘Blitz’ she and husband ‘Bertie’ visited a couple of bomb sites and she then declared that now Buckingham Palace had been bombed (no serious damage), she could “look the East End in the face”. They then returned to the safety of one of their many castles.

‘er Maj has done it loads of times when not attending race meetings, deer stalking or generally buggering about on one of her many estates, and the only time the old dear was seen to cry was when they took away her Royal Yacht.

Now they are all at it ! … Yes … It’s let’s get out there, shake a few hands and look glum time.

So the recent riots have belatedly brought out the ‘royals’ to do their thing. Which is to meet some ‘ordinary people’ and get their pictures taken as many times as possible.

Well I don’t know about you, but if I was a victim of the rioters and had lost my home or my livelihood the last people I would want to see coming towards me would be Charlie and Camilla, even if they had been so gracious as to give up one day, yes one day, of their Scottish holiday. Bloody hell ! .. Their life is one big holiday !

I see that Willy and Kate have visited Birmingham, but the press seem to be more interested in what Kate was wearing, rather than the funeral of three of the victims, and the ‘ginger spare’ has been “morale boosting” in Salford where not everyone was pleased to see him, although he did manage to ‘mumble’ a few words to some firemen before being whisked away by his security men.

So having “done their duty”, they can now get back to their own hedonistic lifestyles, safe in the knowledge that the ‘Buck House’ spin machine will make the most of their efforts, and some of those “ordinary people” will be feeling so much better, even if the only things they have …

…  are the clothes they stand up in !


6 Responses to “A right royal riot.”

  1. Ginnie said

    I’m sure it’s the same way all over the world, John. But we here in the U. S. of A. have nothing to worry about since the Tea Party right wingers are going to save us all … they care so much for we commoners that they almost brought our whole country down … but we won’t look at that !!!

  2. gabbygeezer said

    Could you tell us more clearly how you feel about the royal family?

  3. gabbygeezer said

    Actually, I feel the same way about senators, congresspeople, and the whole flock of Washington, DC, toadies who never did an honest day’s labor in their lives. Is the sort of governance we are getting nowadays in “democracies” much different than what was experienced in the good old days when emperors and czars ran the shows?

  4. Non-existent-God knows i hold no brief for the royal family but in situations like this, they really are in a no-win situation. Suppose none of them visited any of the affected areas: can you imagine what the media and the public would have to say about that? On the other hand, suppose they do actually turn up and do their best to look sympathetic: what then? Well, your post is the answer to that. Whatever they do, there will be criticisms.

    Then, one day we will solve the problem by declaring a republic. Guess what will happen then: yes, we will whinge about the President visiting the affected areas.

    Plus ça change…

  5. Rummuser said

    We have our farces too! The prince charming tried his hand just the other day.

  6. Grannymar said

    With Buck House empty, surely they could have opened the doors to the victims of the rioters for a couple of weeks, after all they do have a band of Red coats with nothing better to do that play soldiers in the grounds everyday!

    A touch of conscription for looters might cool their ardour quicker than a spell in prison.

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