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Are they talking a load of old “ebonics” ?

Posted by Big John on August 15, 2011

So historian David Starkey is a “racist” according to some journalists and the Labour leader Ed Miliband.

Well, for all I know, he may be, and I suppose his comments on ‘Newsnight’ could certainly be considered as “inflammatory”, but was he right ?, when he said …

“The whites have become black. A particular sort of violent destructive, nihilistic gangster culture has become the fashion and black and white boys and girls operate in this language together”.

Perhaps he could have been more careful with his choice of words, but the language he referred to “Dat is true innit” as anyone who has watched TV interviews “wid da yoof” recently will know. “Yoo know dem what ai’nt got no foot in dem bellies” as one young “dude” moron put it to London Mayor, Boris Johnson on his recent photo opportunity  tour of riot hit Brixton.

Now it wasn’t too long ago that black people living in Birmingham sounded like ‘Brummies’, and those living in London sounded like ‘Cockneys’ etc., and I expect that many still do. So it now seems strange to me that, in recent times, young black people, who have never been anywhere near the West Indies, know nothing of it’s culture, have never heard of men like C.L.R. James, Marcus Garvey or even Bob Marley, should adopt a form of speech based on Jamaican patois, ‘spiced up’ with US ‘gangsta speak’. 

Today I learned a new word, which goes some way to explaining Starkey’s recent remarks  …

It’s definition …  “Slang –  A white youth who adopts black youth culture by adopting its speech, wearing its clothes, and listening to its music“.

The word ? …

…  “Wigger” !


4 Responses to “Are they talking a load of old “ebonics” ?”

  1. Betty said

    I sure hope that word doesn’t catch on here. The tea partiers’ heads would explode. Come to think of it………..

  2. Rummuser said

    Big John, I listened to the interview, and it is a pity that they would not allow him to explain what he meant when he said that the whites have become black. I could catch on to what he was conveying which in my opinion was anything but racist. His comments have been taken out of context and twisted to mean something that he did not intend at all. I do not know if he has been given an opportunity to explain and would appreciate your giving me some link if he has.

  3. Big John said

    Ramana … Listen to this interview on BBC …

  4. Rummuser said

    John, unfortunately, the interview is not available for India. The Beeb is being politically correct I suspect. I shall be most obliged if you could possibly get a transcript and send me. I am sure that he makes sense, as he did to me when I watched and heard him during the interview.

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