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Don’t ‘OUT’ Big Bird !

Posted by Big John on August 12, 2011

Are Bert and Ernie gay ? … and does anybody care ?

Well certainly not the under seven year olds who watch Sesame Street, but some nutters misguided people are determined to confuse young minds by introducing them to something which they can’t possibly comprehend, by having the two ‘male’ puppets ‘marry’.

Like it or not the world of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) is here to stay, and same sex marriage (civil partnership in the UK) is becoming more and more accepted by those of us who believe in “live and let live”, as is the fact that two ‘mums’ or two ‘dads’ are no different from any other parents: but this does not mean that this subject should be drawn to the attention of those too young to understand.

Innocent young children must be allowed to remain in the magic world of puppets, cartoon characters and fairy tales for as long as possible. These days too many are forced to ‘grow up’ far too quickly.

OK, so it’s a bit of a laugh for some adults to speculate on the sexual relationship between Bert and Ernie (Remind me again, they are puppets aren’t they ?) but this petition, although purporting to have a serious motive, must surely be a joke.

If this goes on they will be telling us next that ‘Zippy‘ …

…   is into S&M  !


7 Responses to “Don’t ‘OUT’ Big Bird !”

  1. Maria said

    My twin grandchildren start kindergarten this fall. I pray their teacher will understand that having two mommies may not be what is considered an average family, but I hope that she will see instead that there are many kinds of families and tolerance is a learned value.
    This said, I agree with you that this Sesame thing is just a joke and not to be taken any more serious than Jerry Faldwell,s calling that little telletubby who was purple and wore a triangle on his head a homo. There are these crazies on the left, the right, and hell, we are surrounded by them. Hard not to lose patience. I like your perspective.

  2. Betty said

    That old Bert and Ernie rumor has been around for decades. I have no idea who started it, but he or she needs to get a life. You are right that children should be allowed to be children, which is one reason I condemn (but no one listens) the beauty pageants that are so prevalent in the southern part of the U.S. The mothers flock to enter their precious snowflakes in “Tiny Miss,” “Little Miss,” “Junior Miss” pageants. Imagine a three or four year old girl who has been told since the day she was born, by all of her immediate family, that she is the prettiest little girl in the whole world. Then, she is entered in a beauty pageant and discovers that there are at least 60 more little girls who have been told the same thing, and she loses. How does mommy explain that?

  3. gabbygeezer said

    Agree, we ought to let the kids be kids (and the puppets be puppets). Life can get tough enough when children become adults. Those “baby girl” beauty contests are disgusting. Some of the more obnoxious and pushy parents of boys in sports like Little League baseball are no better than the Moms and Pops who propel 5-year-old girls into competitions that do them no good.

  4. Maria said

    Snopes has an interesting article on this urban legend. Seems it has been around in differing versions for a few years.

  5. Big John said

    Re. the subject of ‘beauty pageants’, here is a post of mine from three years ago …

  6. Rummuser said

    May be it is politically incorrect, but here is a symptomatic story. An emigrating family is asked why they are leaving the country and the head, the father answers – “During my grandfather’s time, we did not know about it. During my father’s time, it came out in the open. In my time, it has become legal. Before they make homosexuality compulsory for my children, I am taking them the hell out of here.”

  7. Ginnie said

    I have little to add except “live and let live”.

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